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Advice on 4 year old's frequent poo issues...lovely!

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Gurraun Tue 25-Feb-14 07:35:24

Ds has just turned 4. By way of background he had no issues potty training but is very resistant to the idea of wiping his own bum. He has always had an early morning poo and I think this has been reinforced by his gro clock ie he is not allowed up or to call us before the sun is up at 7 unless je has done a poo. Finally, he is one of those kids that any cold, bug etc also gives him a bit of a runny bum.

Anyway, the issue now is that a week ago he got a virus (nasty cold and high temp) and got the runs slightly. He theb seemed to get constipated - going to the loo frequently but nothing but wind.

He now is left with a residual cough and cold but has become obsessed with having a poo. Eg he went twice between 4 and 4.15 am and again twice between 6 and 6.15am. It is like he is forcing out a bit of poo each time. I am unsure if this is a medical issue and whether he needs to see his gp or a habit - I am inclined to think habit because when engrossed in something or at pre school he doesn't go. If it is a habit how do I break it - so far I have told him to wait if he thinks he needs a poo to make sure it is not just wind and he agrees and then dashes off to the loo!

Any advice appreciated especially as I now have the virus and don't enjoy the 4am bum wipe!


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