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When is it ok to introduce a comforter?

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Taler Mon 24-Feb-14 21:11:56

My 15.5 wk old DD is showing all signs that she'd benefit from having one.

When I settle her for a sleep she always buries her head in the muslin I have draped over me or buries her face into my clothes.

I'm just worried about her suffocating.

What do the rest of you do?

Pollyputhekettleon Tue 25-Feb-14 09:59:13

They usually say six months but really it's when they're able to remove it from their face themselves if they need to. What you could do in the meantime is attach one to her sleeping bag so that she can get part of it up to her face but not enough to cover her nose and mouth. You could also use a breathable one. Assuming she doesn't have any health problems that might make it harder for her to breathe or anything like that.

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