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DS 2.10 strongly favours me and pushed DP away..

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noseymcposey Mon 24-Feb-14 14:18:02

DP was joking last night about DS's Oedipal complex and it has got me thinking about whether I should do something to try and rebalance the situation. I think it's common to a certain extent for boys to favour their mother at this age (I am sure there are lots of exceptions too!) but it has been like this for well over a year now and I'm not sure if it's 'just a phase' or an indicator of an issue.

DS is very affectionate with me, will sit on my lap, gives me loads of kisses and tell me he loves me, cuddles me and goes 'aaah' and all that. All of which is normal, and I think he is largely reflecting back how I am with him.

But he will refuse to give DP a goodnight kiss (in a cheeky way, not a crying and scared way) but will also cry that he wants me to change his nappy/get him dressed etc and given any opportunity will ask for me to do something. He also says things like 'I love you, not Daddy' and pushes DP away from me if we are cuddling.

The only reason I am concerned is because DP is much more shouty with him than I am and I think he is sometimes a bit harsh with him. So DP will should at him and then DS will cry for me and then I find it difficult to know what to do because I feel sorry for DS but I don't want to undermine DP.

It may be that I am too soft, and perhaps this is creating the situation. Or it may be that DP is a bit harsh and it's damaging his relationship with him. Or it may be that we are both doing just fine and this is a totally normal thing.

Any thoughts at all?

noseymcposey Mon 24-Feb-14 14:18:56

DP and I both work full time so it's not because I am home with him more - although I sometimes wonder if it's because I'm not there for DS enough. As a baby he always wanted to be very close to me.

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