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my 23 month old speech and development delay

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kirsty3408 Sun 23-Feb-14 21:03:17

My Ds is 23 months and currently has no words or meaningful sounds. He was referred to salt at 14months but has made no progress. His frustration and tantrums are becoming more frequent and harder to deal with. He cannot follow simple direction, point to objects he wants or use a cup. He has now been referred to a phsycologist to rule out autism and other disorders.
Has anyone been through a similar thing and what was the outcome

ProbablyCaroline Sun 23-Feb-14 21:24:58

I assume you've had his hearing checked? It must be very worrying for you...and frustrating for him. My best friend has had a similar time with her son who is now almost 4. He has been found to be on the spectrum..the high functioning end...he can speak now...but only drinks from a cup with a sippy thing on it..he's a happy and bright boy and doing well at preschool.

One thing which might give you some indications is the [[ Chat Test] which can give an indication of whether a child is on the Autistic spectrum or not...though it's not a diagnosis obviously, it is a respected test.

ProbablyCaroline Sun 23-Feb-14 21:25:22

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