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Dark circles under babies eyes

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Hunnybunn72 Sat 22-Feb-14 19:50:42

My 1 year old has red dark circles under her eyes, she is sleeping ok but has been very off since her injections Thursday. Any ideas??

mawbroon Sat 22-Feb-14 20:04:52

Any allergies? Allergic kids often get dark circles .

Auntierosemary Sat 22-Feb-14 20:19:33

Mine got this when they were teething

Superworm Sat 22-Feb-14 20:33:39

Allergic shiners?

SimLondon Sat 22-Feb-14 21:09:14

Lack of iron, get a daily vitamin/mineral supplement.

BotBotticelli Sun 23-Feb-14 20:28:47

Mine gets this when teething.and when he is getting a cold.

17leftfeet Sun 23-Feb-14 20:31:01


babybarrister Sun 23-Feb-14 21:25:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Notonthisplanet Mon 24-Feb-14 16:37:37

I have them bad as it's hereditary my whole family is affected and my dd 2 has them too, just in case it might be worth noting if you have members of your family with them

odyssey2001 Mon 24-Feb-14 19:47:51

I used to get them due to what intolerance (not celiac). Check ingredients on everything they consume.

odyssey2001 Mon 24-Feb-14 19:48:27

I meant wheat intolerance.

PasSageDuTout Mon 03-Mar-14 12:21:31

Also classic sign of dehydration.

JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 04-Mar-14 14:18:47

I get them if I have too much dairy or soya.

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