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14 month old feeding

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CarlyRose80 Wed 19-Feb-14 10:51:39

Hi all
Have a fairly normal 14 month old when it comes to routine etc. The problem I now have is he's began waking again in the night after having chicken pox and conjunctivitis. He's now fit and healthy again but is back to waking up around 11/12 I clock and only settling back to sleep after I give him milk!!! I know this sounds ridiculous at his age to be going backwards. This is now impacting on his day feeding. He wi have a bottle when he wakes up in his cot but now has no interest in breakfast and I now feel like I'm in a vicious circle. Need sleep so feed him at night but this clearly makes his less hungry in the morning. I have left him to cry it out but he goes on and on and I have 2 older children who are in bed. Please help. What do I do. I'm exhausted again and don't know how to swap this cycle around so he sleeps all night and is ready for breakfast?!! Tia xx

crazykat Wed 19-Feb-14 11:12:56

Could you try giving water for a couple of nights instead of milk? It's what I was advised if its more waking from habit than hunger.

Tbh though my 16 months old has never slept through and I doubt he will for a while. I'd rather get up and give him a bottle than have him crying for hours.

CarlyRose80 Wed 19-Feb-14 12:14:26

You know what that's exactly my thoughts. He's never slept through consistently but we did have a really phase of solid sleeping so now this is a bit of a killer. I would sooner just give him a bottle the first time he wakes to save the constant up and down for hours trying to settle him back down. The issue really is not wanting breakfast I suppose and I don't want to cut down his morning bottle (8oz)

minipie Wed 19-Feb-14 14:17:16

I also suggest switching to water. Then no water and just give cuddles. Then no cuddles just patting/stroking. then CC. I don't think you can go straight from milk to CC/CIO, you need to do it in stages iyswim.

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