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Is this reflux?

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ninabeana Tue 18-Feb-14 10:16:33

Hi ladies,

I am a new mummy and an avid reader of Mums net. I have created my own profile today as I am feeling worried and looking for advice.
My DD is 7 weeks old and she is combination fed, has been from 4 weeks. When I breast feed her at night, it seems to be fine and she feeds well, but as the day goes on, she writhes around on the breast and comes on and off, arching her back and sometimes crying. She doesn't do this with a bottle, although seemed fussier with that today. Since last week, she seems to be sick a lot more after feeds (I thought this was because she now has 3 bottles of formula a day) and she has always had frequent hiccups since birth when I solely breast fed. She sleeps ok at night, sometimes 5 hours in a row on her book but isn't as good as sleeping in the day. She sounds a bit chesty too and makes lots of digestion noises and farts! She doesn't cry continuously, all nappies are as they should be and she has gained weight really well.
Any ideas? I didn't think it matched all the symptoms of reflux but clearly there is a problem? Any help gratefully received!

DelBot123 Tue 18-Feb-14 23:55:13

My LO had the same symptoms you describe and she is lactose intolerant - not saying your LO is but she definitely has some tummy ache (just figuring out what it is). They usually fuss at the breast when they've got belly ache. I thought reflux was more spitting up than you describe.

Simplest, does she have wind!? Thinking hiccups can happen when they guzzle their food and take on air. It take ages to burp them before anything comes up, infracol helps. I find its good for gripy bellies anyway. Although I know it has mixed reviews - might be worth a try?!

Could be thrush in her mouth - would explain the coming on and off. Check she doesn't have white patches in her mouth. Although that wouldn't explain the arching back! Thinking out loud.

Has she had a tummy bug recently!? That can lead to temporary lactose intolerance (increased flatulence and digestive sounds, fussing at the breast) another symptom might be greenish looking, frequent poos. Although I know you said her poos are normal.

She's not constpated? Often they nurse to stimulate them having a poo! She might be fussing if its not happening. Although I imagine you'd notice her straining.

Some ideas!? Hope that helps smile

Rachie1986 Wed 19-Feb-14 01:24:03

She could have silent reflux - that means she doesn't throw up much but has all other symptoms as you describe. Xx

ninabeana Wed 19-Feb-14 10:04:10

Thank you both! :-)
I use infacol before every bottle feed but not breast. Should I use it before every feed?
She has about 2 poos a day, mustard colour so not constipation.
I have looked at her mouth a couple of times and seen white on her tongue but thought this was milk?
What is the treatment for silent reflux- should I go to doctors if it is sounding like it could be this?

Thank you again :-) I've wanted to go to doctors for a while but DH makes me feel like I am overreacting so I question myself but maybe it is the best idea.!

PragmaticWench Wed 19-Feb-14 10:14:11

This sounds like my daughter and she was diagnosed at seven months with cows milk protein allergy. She had silent reflux so no sick but she was fussy during feeding coming on and off and often cried and also had wind. We used infacol but it only improved when she was diagnosed and we were given infant gaviscon. I was constantly fobbed off by the doctor as she was gaining loads of weight and her poo was fairly normal; since discovered that can be the case. Obviously your daughter may not have an allergy but it's worth looking into. You know yourself that she's not happy so don't be fobbed off by the doctor.

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