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How much playing together at age nearly 3?

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confusedofengland Mon 17-Feb-14 17:18:14

I was just wondering how much playing together with other DC is normal at this age?

DS2 is 2.10 & has a friend who is 2 days older than him, who we saw on a playdate today. We were with the other family for about 2 hours total. Of this time, for 1 hour we were outside & all 3 DC (the 2 2.10 year olds plus my DS1, who is 5.2) happily chased each other on toy tractors, played near each other on toy tractors, looked at animals together & sat together for a snack (we were at a farm grin)

Then for the other hour, we were at my friend's house. My DS2 played with DS1 and/or her DS for about 15 minutes total, otherwise playing with toys near them. He happily shared toys/food when prompted (always does) & brought toys over to show me a lot. The other 2-year old spent about half an hour snatching whichever toy my DS1 tried to play with from him hmm

Does this behaviour all sound about normal for this age? Nursery have said that they don't expect DC his age to play together & that DS2 is starting to try & join in others' games. I can't remember what DS1 was like at this age!

Oh, forgot to say, DS2 plays lots with DS1 when it is just us at home or in another familiar environment - all sorts of games like cars, Happyland, drawing, wrestling, chasing hmm, reading

HoratiaDrelincourt Mon 17-Feb-14 17:22:56

My DS2 is also 2.10.

Playing "together" involves failed sharing, taking turns, and shouting. He can cope playing with his older brother (who understands how to do "with") but his play with other toddlers is more parallel than collaborative.

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