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4 year old suddenly afraid of the dark and shadows

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parched Mon 17-Feb-14 15:55:58

We've recently moved DS into a new bedroom and despite having him involved along the way and the fact he's always slept in complete darkness in his old bedroom, he's now getting upset at bedtime, asking us not to leave him/leave the light on/leave the door open, and waking up at night frightened. He's always been a good sleeper and I'm sure this is genuine fear (as opposed to attention seeking).

He says he's scared of the dark and the shadows - I've explained and demonstrated that leaving a light on is what creates the shadows, it's only his own shadow etc but he can't seem to communicate exactly what it is he's scared of - if it was something "tangible" I could use the magic dust/spray trick to get rid of monsters, but I can't get rid of shadows without turning off the light. He's got a GroClock which has a nightlight (which creates shadows!) and I leave the door to his bedroom ajar.

Any tips or tricks to get him over this fear? I was never scared of the dark and am very logical, so I'm finding it a bit annoying (though trying hard not to make light of the situation).

LastingLight Mon 17-Feb-14 16:42:33

My 11 year old recently went through a phase of being scared of the dark, which annoyed me to but I guess it's just one of those things and this too will pass! Can you switch on a light in another room or the passage that will be visible from his room?

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