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Statement of Educational Needs

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Helen500 Sat 15-Feb-14 19:24:12

My son is currently in year 8 (middle school) and will move into upper school in Sept. He was diagnosed with Aspergers/ADD in year 4. His school grades are mixture of average and just below. Our consultant asked the school for a Social Communication Report. Having been send this we are extrememly shocked at how bad things are. This has never been reported to us. He does not have an IEP which we had asked for on many occasions. The report basically says he does not communicate with them, shouts out and acts silly but works well in a small group (3 children) with one teacher!!! Cut a long story short I have decided to apply for a statement myself eeeekkk! We live in one county and and he schools in another. (he is in an out of catchment school). I guess we apply to the county where we live????? Does anyone know? Also has anyone else applied themselves for a statement. They school also says he often doesn't know what lessons he should be in and just follows others often ending up in the wrong lesson or class. It has taken them 4 year to tell us this! There are 400 pupils at his current school. When he moves to upper in Sept. there will be 2000 pupils!!!!!!! This has all come to light as they sent me the consultant report to forward on!!!!!! Any help will be much appreciated. Many many thanks x

litdog Mon 17-Feb-14 21:23:19

Post this on the Special Needs Children board - loads of help there

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