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14.5 month old started standing by self now won't even use Walker!

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clairedrelincourt Sat 15-Feb-14 10:11:24

14.5 month girl.
She started standing unaided a couple of weeks ago and this week she's suddenly scared of standing at all even holding hands. She's even scared of the push along baby Walker! The sight of it makes her cry! Feel like this is going backwards! Anyone any advice to help her back on her feet again. She's had no falls and hurt herself, just suddenly changed! Thanks

Flowerpup Sat 15-Feb-14 16:01:16

My DS was exactly the same and at exactly the same age. Hated the walker and then wouldn't even hold my hand. Seemed so cautious. Then I took him to a soft play area and he pulled himself up and walked for the next hour, I was gobsmacked as I honestly thought at the time that it would never happen and it was that quick! Worth a try! Some children are naturally more cautious & others just seem to not be so worried! My son is now 3 and is still very much like this, just part of his personality. Good luck, you've had it when she starts!

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