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Help is this normal?

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wishingforwillpower Wed 12-Feb-14 09:24:15

DS is 21 months. He is a pretty good sleeper e.g goes down between 7-7.30 with no issues, falls asleep by himself and sleeps through. He can wake anywhere between 6 and 7.30, very occasionally before 6. The question I have relates to the fact that literally the moment he wakes up he will either start shouting our names and quickly gets louder and more insistent, or will start whinging which quickly develops in to angry crying. It seems like everyone else in the world has babies or toddlers who wake up and will be content to lie and babble happily for ages in bed - DS never ever does this. Not once in his whole life. He just wants to get up, straight away. As soon as we go through he is happy, chatty and ready to play. But am just really fed up of the immediate angry/insistent shouting every morning! It's so stressful to wake up to. We have tried not going through but he just gets really worked up and I can't handle listening to it, by the time ten minutes pass he will be heaving with sobs.
So, does anyone else's DC do this - wake up and immediately start shouting/crying rather than happily babbling... And is there anything we can do about it? Or is it just his personality?
The rest of the time he is great btw, a very good natured energetic and affectionate boy... If rather impatient!!

PandaFeet Wed 12-Feb-14 09:27:18

My eldest woke up crying until she was 3 and a half. Literally wailing the second her eyes opened.

She stopped on her own.

Seeline Wed 12-Feb-14 09:31:03

Mine always woke up ready to go - no hanging around, and he had usually woken during the night in a similar way, and usually woke at 5- 5.30 so I think you are pretty lucky! THe only way we managed was to get up, bring him in with us and let him watch the TV for a while until we came round blush. Have you tried leaving some toys/books in his cot so he has something to do as soon as he wakes?

wishingforwillpower Wed 12-Feb-14 10:48:31

Seeline - no a few people have suggested toys and books in the cot but I'm scared if we do that he will come across them in the night or really early and they will cause him to wake even earlier! Could be worth a try at least though...

IWillOnlyEatBeans Wed 12-Feb-14 11:13:54

Sounds normal to me!

jimijack Wed 12-Feb-14 11:20:24

Sounds absolutely heavenly to me!
Try having it 3/4/5 Times through the night!

Try having to get up at 4am because he just will not go back to sleep then having to go and do a day's work.....

Bitter & exhausted & Fed up........ just a tad here sad
I need a brew

wishingforwillpower Wed 12-Feb-14 11:53:00

God sorry jimijack my OP must sound so annoying and smug! Yes I suppose that does put it in to perspective - how old is your DC?
Suppose I just worry sometimes about why he seems so innately impatient and cross about waking up when it seems like everyone I speak to has DC who babble away happily for up to an hour or lie and play in their cots - I don't think he has ever even once done this!

DeWe Wed 12-Feb-14 13:10:48

Mine were all very different for sleep.
Dd1 was a 12 hours a night from 8 weeks, would wake and babble happily for an hour of waking. When she did wake during the night she would wriggle a bit, babble for a bit, then maybe decide to cry and get me up. Was nice, gave me time to gradually wake. Never got me up more than once.

Dd2 we described as 0-60 in 2 seconds. Wake and immediately scream in a voice rivalling concorde! I think because she never gave herself the chance to resettle, she didn't learn to until later. She slept through the night at about 2yo, and could easily wake 3-4 times most nights-oh perhaps the times she went through a stage of waking for the day at 2am she was waking less than that. hmm
She only started lying in bed once awake once she could read.

Ds was a mixture. I think naturally he would have been like dd1, but then he started ear infections at just over 2 months. So he woke with pain. He then wanted to sleep with his ear on top of me, would sleep okay but restlessly like that. If I tried moving him so i could sleep, he would wake about every 30 minutes. Even now he quite likes to sleep with me, so if he wakes during the night, about half the time I will be woken by a little body crawling in and elbowing himself some space-he's 6yo.

jimijack Wed 12-Feb-14 15:05:11

Ah bless you no not smug at all. It obviously distresses you.
My baby is now 13 months and is yet to sleep through an entire night.

My other son was the same. He was 5 and at school before he slept a full night.

It makes me Fed up every now & again.

MeanAndMeaslyMiddleAges Thu 13-Feb-14 14:54:46

Definitely normal (although mine also does it a few times through the night and he's 23months and still not sleeping...). His morning shouts are either 'Mummy!' Or 'Daddy' or 'Milk!' Or a shouty grunt that essentially means his lordship has awakened and requires attention grin. This morning though he woke up with the immediate shout of 'I hear post!' no son, you hear mummy emptying the bin

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