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Bottom wiping

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breatheslowly Tue 11-Feb-14 19:04:45

DD appears to be asserting her independence, particularly at nursery, and doing her own wiping. By today's effort, she isn't very good at it yet. I want to nurture her independence, but don't want her to get sore or get UTIs from inadequate wiping. Nor do i really want to give her a bath every day.

At what age should we expect full independence? We are lucky that she won't be going to school until Sept 2015 so that isn't a problem.

What do we do in the meantime? She isn't very happy with having help. Now.

Twinsplusonesurprise Tue 11-Feb-14 23:00:11

Oh I have the same problem with one of my DTDs!
I've tried to show her how to do it herself and luckily she'll let me do it after a poo.
But she ends up smelling of stale wee like a tramp at the end of the day!
I'm thinking about buying some of those toilet wipes which might help. Hmmm. Tricky isn't it! Sorry, not much help but am in same boat!

breatheslowly Tue 11-Feb-14 23:18:25

I'll investigate toilet wipes. We have to be really careful to only flush properly flushable things.

IWillOnlyEatBeans Wed 12-Feb-14 11:12:23

My DS is 4 tomorrow (potty trained since 2.5) and still needs help to wipe after a poo. His is quite uncoordinated though! If he does it himself (which I do encourage) he tends to leave a few dirty bits which lead to him getting a red, itchy bum.

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