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Newborn blues !

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Ra88 Mon 10-Feb-14 19:38:04

My DS is 8 days old and iv found myself already wishing away his first 6 months ! I feel like a terrible mum but that's all I can think , sometimes I feel what have I done !? I love him so much but I am also already so tired ! My dd (4.9) adores him but I feel sad because I feel she will miss out on time with me and vice versa .

Tired and unhappy!

Elderberri Mon 10-Feb-14 20:15:12

I really did not enjoy the early stages, I am not a baby cooer and refuse to even hold other peoples babies.

So what. Also its freak out worry time for illness and stuff, at least they are more robust at 6 months.

I have been a parent for 15 years, and I often think 'what have I done'.

Be kind to yourself.

Ra88 Tue 11-Feb-14 07:57:04

Well last night was a nightmare ! Wouldn't settle until 12am and then up at 3:30 and 5:30 . Feel anxious and sick and so so tired !

Wilberforce2 Tue 11-Feb-14 09:56:26

Hi, I am due tomorrow with my second and I'm already wishing the time away! I also don't coo over new babies, I like my sleep and don't do well without it (I sound like a real natural parent don't I)! A friend of a friend has a 4 week old girl who I saw at friends house last week and everyone expected me to be going crazy over her and wanting to hold her but I didn't. I like them starting to talk and toddling around I find that much more interesting and I like them best when they start sleeping through!

Is there anyone who can help you out during the day so you can catch up on some sleep? I had my sister come over when my ds was 6 days old (dh had to go back to work), I stuck some earplugs in and slept for 6 hours!

Ra88 Tue 11-Feb-14 14:02:39

My mom has been a great help , as my dp only had the week off and the first 5 days baby was a nightmare with colic, changed his milk and he was doing brilliant for 3 nights then last night it was like back to square one again.

My mom has taken him this morning and will be back soon so iv had about 3 hours sleep. I just feel so anxious/sick because no doubt it'll be the same again tonight !

Ra88 Wed 12-Feb-14 00:39:46

Tonight's another sleepless night . This baby just will not settle on an evening at all. He sleeps for about 5-10 minutes and then wakes up crying ! sadsadsadsadsadsad

Poshers Wed 12-Feb-14 04:00:23

My DS is 11 weeks old & I too have not enjoyed one single bit, don't feel guilty admitting it. I am wishing away the weeks sad

Can you have baby sleep with you or do you not want to go down that path? DS sleeps with me, through the night better for us both - however I have dreadful insomnia so I don't sleep anyway (part of the blues I think!) I'm told it gets easier & better so hang in there .....

In fact today I was crying in public, whilst DS was blissfully unaware & the kindness of strangers can make your day.smilesmile

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