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If I don't laugh I'll cry

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stmarymead Wed 05-Feb-14 20:52:53

So...had what can only be described as unmitigated disaster with tonight's bed/bath. I shall try to condense but apologies if I ramble.

DS 1 (24mo) in bath, dressing DS 2 (15 weeks) on bathroom floor post bathing them both. Ds1 decides to tip a cup of water over ds2, I very calmly say 'we never throw water out of the bath, that is the end of the bath' and pull the plug...
and it all goes downhill from there, the following happens:
-Ds1 finds another full cup (in now empty bath) and pour over side getting ds2 wet.
-ds2 unsurprisingly is screaming like a goodun' by now, and given the time of day I know I've had it until he gets a feed (after ds1 is down...Aarhhh)
-ds1 decides to start throwing toys out of bath once he realises water has gone
-ds2 scream scream screaming
-ds1 starts standing up (rule of no standing in bath) and turning round in circles
And the final nail in the coffin...ds1 does a poo in the bath and tries to pick it up.
The bedroom bit of the debacle whilst not as dramatic was equally sad, ds2 carried on screaming, ds1 hyped and anything but calm.
And here's where I'd appreciate the help of the MN massive. How on earth do I get him to stop such behaviour? He knows its hard for me to stop him because I am getting the crying baby ready, he's tired, he wants attention etc. I remained calm, didn't lose it, but was stern and basically it was totally useless. Any ideas?
Thank you.

Flowerpup Wed 05-Feb-14 21:02:34

Oh dear, they certainly kept you busy! I find it's either easy or really bad. What about an earlier bath? Is he too tired at bath time? Move forward an hour?

whitepuddingsupper Wed 05-Feb-14 22:04:08

Could it be worth considering getting a baby bath support like this so you could get DS1 out and dried while DS2 stays in for a few minutes (with you still in the room of course), might give DS1 less opportunity for playing up?

Bedsheets4knickers Wed 05-Feb-14 22:42:44

Lol just sack it off and smile, you will laugh about it in years to come. If it helps I ran downstairs to make my dds 14 months bottle and ds 3.5 nighttime juice. They sit on my bed and watch night garden after bath. I had to sprint back upstairs because ds had launched a pillow at dd she was dangling clinging of the bed head 1st from the force . I didn't see it so had to guess but couldn't reprimand either as hadn't seen it.
Just counting it as a bedtime fail and moving on. X

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