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Stressed and upset - thoughts please

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Taler Tue 04-Feb-14 17:20:04

My 12 wk old DD seems to have taken a turn and decided she doesn't particularly like walks in her pram. Sometimes she will cry, other times she'll threaten to cry.

This is most frustrating as I don't have use of a car so rely on going or daily walks.

She used to love being in her pram and would, typically, fall asleep within minutes of being put in there.

I read that they do stop falling asleep straight away as they get a bit older (which I guess is what's happening to her?) and just stay awake.

I of course have no problem with her being awake but why all of a sudden is she not happy?

Any ideas?

PastaandCheese Tue 04-Feb-14 17:48:40

Is she still in a carrycot? Do you have a lie flat seat for your pram? My DD went right off her carrycot as though she had decided that she spent enough hours laying flat in her Moses basket and was much happier laying in the seat bit where she could see a lot more.

MellowMarshmallow Tue 04-Feb-14 17:56:33

If she is lying flat on her back, can she still see your face? Is the sun in her eyes, is the pram drafty? Is she fighting sleep so getting worked up? Is she tired and becoming over stimulated by the sights and sounds of the outdoor world? Is there a scary plastic rain cover over the top of her?

OP - I'm just listing all the maybes I can think of because many moons ago I had a ds that hated everything - prams, cars, being carried, being put down. So I feel your pain.

gretagrape Tue 04-Feb-14 19:02:30

Yep, our son hated laying in the carrycot at around 3 months so we had to put him in the pushchair seat, with a rolled up towel wedged down one side so he didn't move about too much.

matana Tue 04-Feb-14 19:36:51

Could be just a phase when she wants to be closer to you. Have you tried a sling instead?

Taler Tue 04-Feb-14 20:50:08

We have a Baby Bjorn but it's not always practical to use that. The pram does come with another seat, but she's not supposed to go in that one until she's about 5/6 months. It doesn't lay totally flat so I'm thinking we can't use it.

ratqueen Tue 04-Feb-14 21:30:50

My DS used to get stressed and I figured out that he preferred being on his side. Maybe wind? I switched to a pushchair at four months and he is better in that tbh.

JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 04-Feb-14 22:56:43

Could she just be cold?

Mummyjetsetter Tue 04-Feb-14 23:01:45

Try using the pushchair slightly sat up. My dd doesn't always fall asleep but likes it. Don't get too hung up on age recommendations do what works for the baby. x

naty1 Wed 05-Feb-14 15:57:08

We used a car seat attachment to pushchair

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