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Children that shuffle on their bottoms! Please post me if yours did!

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Wardl12 Thu 23-Jan-14 11:43:00

Hello! My little one shuffled on his bottom from the age of 16 months to 22 months when he eventually decided to walk!
He now zooms around like any other child.
I have become very interested in this subject and I am trying to gage statistics on how many children shuffle on their bottoms and wondered if anyone could post me if their child did this or not and for how long and at what age?
I would be hugely grateful. Thank you.

CatAssTrophy Thu 23-Jan-14 11:46:06

Mine did from just under age 1.

She never crawled.

Took her first steps at 23 months. But was still bum shuffling until about 2 years and 4 months.

Overreactionoftheweek Thu 23-Jan-14 12:10:43

Mine did, from just under 1, then started walking at 15 months.

I still miss hearing his little hands slapping down as he used them to motor forward grin he moved each leg at a time, kind of like a crab but forwards, so it was very weird bless him!

SomethingkindaOod Thu 23-Jan-14 12:12:33

DD1 did it from becoming mobile until walking around 15 months, never crawled.
DD2 from 5 months until walking at 10 months, crawled very occasionally.

Wardl12 Thu 23-Jan-14 12:40:18

How funny! Jimi used to zoom around on his bottom and it was a right sight to see! thanks for answering my post, i hope more will reply!

Totesamazeballs Thu 23-Jan-14 12:42:10

Mine did from about 1 year until 14 months when he walked but didn't crawl for another few months!

JackAubrey Thu 23-Jan-14 12:42:21

Mine did - she could really motor.. She never crawled. It makes me cry just thinking about it; picking her up from nursery and how she zoomed across the floor on her bottom to get to me. Sniff.

Wardl12 Thu 23-Jan-14 12:51:28

How many pairs of trousers did you go through? We went through loads!
His nappies used to get shredded!

Duckegg80 Thu 23-Jan-14 13:03:46

my son did from about 10/11 mths to 15 mths. Never crawled, hated tummy time too from an early age which might explain why he didnt crawl? Walked at about 15 mths.

weeper Thu 23-Jan-14 13:14:34

Mine did from about 10 to 12 months (i think). She started crawling just after her first birthday, but still bum shuffled occasionally and finally started walking at 16 months

Jellyandjam Thu 23-Jan-14 14:05:52

My dd bum shuffled. She started around 11 months I think and dudnt walk until 20 months, at which time she just took off walking like a pro haha! She never crawled, all her trusses had little worn patches on the bottom!

ThePartyArtist Thu 23-Jan-14 14:10:23

I was a bum shuffler and my sisters (twins) could crawl but only backwards! We're all ok now though!!

lemontwist Thu 23-Jan-14 14:19:46

DS2 bum shuffled from when he was 9-10 months. He crawled a little but seemed to prefer shuffling as could have his hands full.
He took his first steps just after turning 1 when he walked across the kitchen but then didn't bother again til he was 14 months!

SeriouslyOutnumbered Thu 23-Jan-14 14:27:40

My DS2 bottom shuffled - I can't remember when he started, though I imagine it was around 10 months. He then switched to crawling at about 17 months, just before he started walking and alternated the 2 for a month (depending on whether he needed to carry something!) before walking around 18 months. He was the latest of my 3 DSs to walk (the other 2 were crawlers and both walked at 15 months) and I remember the HV having a small cow about it at his 1 year check up (I had to take him back to the clinic to see her when he was 18 months so she could satisfy herself that he was actually able to walk and didn't have any hip problems). We loved it though - it was hilarious to watch him - he got really speedy too!

GailTheGoldfish Thu 23-Jan-14 19:10:54

Yes, DD wore the arse out of several pairs of trousers with her VERY labour intensive bum shuffle, which involves her using her feet and ankles in what I can only describe as a skiing motion - moving them to alternate sides - to pull her along. Started at around a year, and around 15 months did crawl a bit, much to my surprise, but never really regarded it as a serious method of getting around. First steps happened over Christmas (17 months) and now she is gaining confidence and speed!

LimeLelloLizard Thu 23-Jan-14 19:15:48

My DS2 bum shuffled from about 10 months until 18 months when he walked.

People told me that bum shufflers are often late walkers (My 2 crawlers walked at 13 - 14 months).

Also I've heard that it is hereditary... I know I was a bum shuffler too!

Yes he went through lots of trousers. It was very cute though. I watched a home video of him shuffling the other day and it nearly brought me to tears!

LydiaLunches Thu 23-Jan-14 19:16:42

Aw, I always wanted a bum shuffler, remember my neighbours dd spinning around on her bottom like she was sat on a record player until she could coordinate both legs to achieve direction and movement!

Judyandherdreamofhorses Thu 23-Jan-14 19:32:55

Lovely thread. DS bottom shuffled (or 'bottle-shuffummed' as DD called it) from 8-16 months, then started walking. He's walking really well now at 18 months but can now crawl and finds it very amusing. DD bottom shuffled too, from 8-13 months. Two of my nieces did (DB's girls) and so did our mum.

Judyandherdreamofhorses Thu 23-Jan-14 19:33:33

Lots of worn out trousers with DS! Stones in his pants on the beach in the summer were hilarious.

SuburbanSpaceperson Thu 23-Jan-14 19:40:55

DD was a bum-shuffler when she was placed with us at 14 months. Her foster home had wooden floors and she could fly along there, but our home had carpets so there was a lot of friction and she really had to work to get across the room. After about a month with us she started to crawl occasionally but was very frustrated at not being able to use her hands to hold things while crawling. She used to have to carry her bear-bear in her mouth, she looked like a mummy cat carrying her kitten. She had huge thunder thighs and a massive bum which made for very stable and powerful bum-shuffling (it was a huge advantage in the bath, she never toppled over reaching for a toy). She started walking at about 17 months IIRC.

doineedhelp Thu 23-Jan-14 21:23:18

My son bum shuffled from about 16months til he walked at 27months! I was a bum shuffler and paediatrician said it was hereditary. My son is also hyper mobile but not sure if that is linked.

Figster Thu 23-Jan-14 22:00:04

DS shuffled from around 6.5mo he he briefly crawled around 9mo but then went straight to cruising and walking fully at 11mo.

I was a shuffler too apparently

NormHonal Thu 23-Jan-14 22:01:04

Yes, and also hypermobile - believe there is a link in some cases.

pumpkin2012 Thu 23-Jan-14 22:12:04

My daughter bum shuffled until 14months, when she start to walk. It was hilarious, she used to stick one leg out to the side and tuck the other one up , then use her hands to pull herself alongsmile Strangely after she started walking she started to crawl normally.:/

Hersetta Fri 24-Jan-14 13:48:20

I had a shuffler. He has still (at 29 months) never crawled and took his first steps unaided at 22 months which wasn't bad considering at 19 months he still wasn't weight bearing.

He was so fast on him bum it was amazing - he could keep up with his walking peers!

I think he he still a little behind other children his age as he is still not as physica,l although in the last month he has got the hang of two footed jumping which he is very proud of.

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