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Mums of bottom shufflers: when did your child start walking?

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TuttiFrutti Fri 28-Jul-06 18:21:19

My ds is 15 months and only started bottom shuffling this week. He has never crawled and I don't think he ever will now. For others in my position, how long was it before your child started walking?

juuule Fri 28-Jul-06 18:30:14

2 bottom shufflers 1 walked at 14m the other at 16m. Had been shuffling about for a while though. Never crawled just got up and walked.

Pollyanna Fri 28-Jul-06 18:33:56

my bottom shuffler is 18 months and is not walking yet. She has been shuffling since before she was 1 I think. My ds was also a bottom shuffler - he started walking about 16 months.

Elibean Fri 28-Jul-06 18:42:51

My friend's bottom shuffler walked at 19 months.

neena28 Fri 28-Jul-06 18:47:29

My ds was a commando crawler (if that makes sense? He lay on his tum and used his elbows to get along as though he was on an assault course under a net) He did that from 11 months. He walked at 19 months.

DD has been bum shuffling since 11 months too and definatley no signs of walking at all.

saggarmakersbottomknocker Fri 28-Jul-06 18:50:00

20 months

musa Fri 28-Jul-06 19:49:11

22 months.

girrafey Fri 28-Jul-06 21:25:28

bum shuffled at 6 months. walked at 9.5 ( was hell) and learnt to crawl last month at 14 months!!!

misdee Fri 28-Jul-06 21:30:53

mu neice was a bum shuffler, she walked at 17months.

kid Fri 28-Jul-06 21:33:15

DD bottom shuffled at 12 months and walked at 21 months. Once they can stand unaided/cruise, it will only be a matter of weeks before they walk. Thats what I was told by the paedatrician at the time DD had investigations done.

cat64 Fri 28-Jul-06 21:41:24

Message withdrawn

kid Fri 28-Jul-06 21:43:28

DD was a late talker and walker. She is also very small for her age. Her co-ordination isn't as good as others her age. If someone is going to fall over, its DD! She has a permanent lump on her head from landing on it so many times, she did it again today

ChiTownLady Fri 28-Jul-06 21:58:44

21 months

Clure Thu 03-Aug-06 12:04:29

My DD is a bum shuffler, never crawled. Now 18 months and is just beginning to to take her first steps unaided. She's not very confident to be standing by herself and balance not brilliant. Just taken her to health visitor as we noticed her left heel turned in when she walked. Now waiting for appointment with podiatrist. Anyone else had similar problems?

mellowma Thu 03-Aug-06 12:57:36

Message withdrawn

legophobe Thu 03-Aug-06 13:12:16

ds1 bottom shuffled badly from 9 months. From 12 months he walked, but only if he kept moving to a particular destination. I remember him walking all the way across a big hall at the Tate Modern when he'd decided where he was going to end up, but it was another 2 months before he could stop and turn around in mid walk. My niece bot shuffled and walked at 17m.

fairyjay Thu 03-Aug-06 13:19:16

17 months - by which time we had 2 mth. old dd!
Having said that, once he started, he was not interested in buggies - just wanted to be Mr. Independent.

frogs Thu 03-Aug-06 13:19:33

3 bottom shufflers (do I get the record? ):

dd1 walked at 18 months, ds at 20 months and dd2 at 19months. Dd2 also had that thing with one foot turning inwards, which the HVs got concerned about, but the GP said would sort itself out once she was weightbearing on that foot. Which it did.

higginpiggin Thu 03-Aug-06 16:53:04

DS1 at 26 months . Standing for about 2 months before that then just went for it one day. Hasn't stopped running since (now 4.6 yrs)

mumfor1standfinaltime Thu 03-Aug-06 17:22:28

Ds bum shuffled from around 10 months, then crawled and bum shuffled at 11 months, and walked around 15.5m.
It did seem like ages waiting for him to walk, but one morning he just let go of the sofa and walked a few steps!

mumeeee Thu 03-Aug-06 22:53:37

21 months.

wheelsonthebus Tue 08-Aug-06 15:24:11

20.5 months

longwaytogo Tue 08-Aug-06 16:01:52

dd 19 months didn't stand till 13 months when i brought ds home and she wanted to see when i was feeding him.

Paediatricion said that bumb shufflers don't walk till late because they are usually double jointed which means that there supple ligaments can't support their skeletons.

She also has foot problems, flat footed and ankles that are really lax so she wears insoles. podiatrist is brill, going to see him tomorrow actually.

Laurynsmummy Tue 08-Aug-06 18:51:14

My ds started bum shuffling at around the age of 8mths. He then started to crawl at 10mths and finally walked at 13.5mths. All children develope at such a different rate it's really hard to judge!

mummyhill Tue 08-Aug-06 19:01:57

Ds started bum shufling at 9 months and now at 10.5 months is pulling self up on furniture taking 2 steps and sitting down again.

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