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Advice needed - 2year old suddenly become very clingy

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kerry85 Sat 04-Jan-14 22:23:12

My dd has always been a little shy. It's mainly in front of adults that she doesn't know but with family and other children she is fine.
However over the last couple of weeks she has been so clingy to me and dh and we don't know why.
She loves her nana (my mum) and is very close to her and my two sisters but the other day she would not relax at their house and was emotional and clingy. She did come round in the end, but not usually like her.

Sorry to go on a bit but my main issue is...
When she turned 2 beginning of Nov, we started taking her to a dance class on a tue night 6-7 ( a bit late I know ) for the first 5/6 weeks she went in no problem and loved it.
Then one week I went with a friend and her little girl and my dd was hysterical! Would not go in to dance! There were some older children in the class that night so not sure if that was the reason for it.
My dh decided to take her to a sat morning class instead the following sat, she was a bit nervous at first but went in and was ok.
She has now not been for a week due to Xmas.
My dh took her this morning and soon as he parked the car outside she was hysterical! Would not get out of the car! So they came home.
What do we do?
Keep trying?
Leave it a few months then try again?

We want her to socialise as much as possible as she doesn't attend a nursery.

Sorry again for the long post

stopgap Sun 05-Jan-14 00:20:09

Watching with interest, as I'm in the same boat (2.5-year-old DS, who's at home with me and will start nursery at three).

We used to do loads of play dates and some classes, but he just got worse and worse and repeatedly yells "all done!" as soon as we arrive.

With random adults and children he bumps into at the playground/soft play, he is brilliant and really social--the problem seems to arise in a class situation, and he definitely seems to know the difference.

TheGreatHunt Sun 05-Jan-14 07:32:11

It's normal - an age thing. Reassure her, cuddle her etc. she will grow out of it.

Why a dance class at 2?!!

Spottybra Sun 05-Jan-14 07:37:39

It's a normal phase. Just reassure her with love and hugs. She is starting to move away from the knowledge that she is the centre of the universe and realise that there is a world beyond her immediate wants and needs.

kerry85 Sun 05-Jan-14 10:57:47

Good to know its just a phase

Still not sure what to do about the dance class?
Keep trying each week or leave it a few months then try again?

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