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Is there a 6 month growth spurt/sleep regression

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Clarabell78 Sat 04-Jan-14 18:50:41

I only ask as my ds sleep has gone to absolute pot the last few weeks! Previously sleeping right through from 6.30/7 to about 5.30-6. We now have at least 5 wakings some lasting 2 hours!! He normally takes 5oz about 10pm but the rest he's not interested in feeding and either just unsettled or simply wide awake and wanting to play! He has a dummy which normally when popped back in would put him back over but no longer. Starting to run out of ideas. Is it common for this to happen at this age? We had a bit of a regression at 4 months but nothing as bad as this!

pricklyPea Sat 04-Jan-14 23:53:32


Mine's started doing this at night as well, never been a great sleeper but now seems to wake up to eat and take ages to get back to sleep. I usually put dc back into the bed when wide awake/chatting and leave them to it. Sometimes there'll be some protests and grumbles and sometimes just carries on chatting away until they fall to sleep again.

It's a pain

I'm hoping once I no longer breastfeed that I'll not be up and down so much and dh can help.

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