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Reheating bottles

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Taler Sat 04-Jan-14 14:57:42

I was hoping I could get your thoughts on reheating bottles.

We always used to do this as we'd give DD most of her feed, then give her a break and do a nappy change and come back and give her the rest of the feed. But it would always need reheating back to room/body temperature as it goes cold pretty quickly when left.

About 4 weeks ago our HV said we shouldn't be reheating the bottle - something to do with bacteria??? Must admit I can't quite remember the explanation she gave.

So we of course stopped reheating but the problem with that is that she now doesn't finish her feed on quite a few occasions. It's unserstandable that she will want a break sometimes, just like we do!

Let me know your thoughts and/or own experiences.


CunningAtBothEnds Sat 04-Jan-14 15:25:20

Reheating formula is very dangerous. bacteria needs heat to grow... so you heat bottle, DD drinks some - her saliva introduces bacteria which is then washed into the remainder of the feed. you then heat more advancing the bacterias development. Unlikely to kill your DD i'm sure (although there have been cases wehre tiny babies have died) but not at all advisable. Better to give your DD a smaller feed and then fresh after her break. either that or keep the feed warm, it is the cooling then rewarming that is the issue

Taler Sat 04-Jan-14 15:55:51

Thank you, I really had no idea it could possibly be that dangerous!!!

How would you suggest to keep it warm though if I can't reheat it?

CunningAtBothEnds Sat 04-Jan-14 16:00:31

Im not overly sure there is a safe way, I suppose an insulated bottle holder may work, although in the long run if you can get her to accept it lukewarm, it will pay dividends

drawohamme Sat 04-Jan-14 16:01:17

When we give bottles I take them out of the fridge and sit them in warm water for thirty seconds or so just to take the chill off. If I need to stop to change they go back in the warm water. Having said all that sometimes bottles just aren't finished, DS loses interest, falls asleep etc. Unless it's a significant amount over a few days I wouldn't worry about left overs.

Ra88 Sat 04-Jan-14 16:02:25

Would it not be safe to keep it in hot water ? Like the tommee tippee flasks ?

Christelle2207 Sat 04-Jan-14 16:04:15

Good rule of thumb is always abandon a bottle after 2 hours- after that bacteria can grow to dodgy levels. But it sounds like your little one may prefer smaller and more frequent feeds.

CunningAtBothEnds Sat 04-Jan-14 16:05:41

I think its the hot-cooler-hotter that poses the risk. so to warm then cool then rewarm. if you are concerned that she is leaving enough to warrant worrying about i'd eith give smaller separate feeds or, not give her the rest in the hope she would finish the next feed in full?

Taler Sat 04-Jan-14 16:12:38

We have a machine that gets the feed to the perfect temperature which is body temperature, so basically "luke warm" as you say, meaning there is only one way to go from there and that's cold

mrsminiverscharlady Sat 04-Jan-14 16:20:19

I would make up two smaller feeds. Give first, change nappy, then give second small fresh feed. A faff, but the safest way to do it.

Are you also making the feeds up with water boiled less than 20 minutes previously (ie very hot to kill bacteria) then cooling down?

Taler Sat 04-Jan-14 16:42:34

No, we have a machine that gets the feed to the perfect temperature:

mrsminiverscharlady Sat 04-Jan-14 16:56:53

The current guidelines do state that formula should be made with hot (ie boiled water that has cooled slightly) to kill any bacteria in the formula powder. Dried milk powder is a potential reservoir for a bacteria which can be very dangerous to babies (^Enterobacter sakazakii^ if you want to Google it). The risk is low but can be further minimised by following the above guidelines.

The second best option is to make the feed with hot water as above, cool quickly then rewarm as needed.

Least safe option is to make feed with cooled boiled water and rewarm.

Taler Sat 04-Jan-14 18:33:09

Thanks. I do make it with boiling water. How the machine works is to firstly give a shot of boiling water into the bottle that will kill any bacteria when u then add the powder. You then shake the powder to mix it with that small amount if boiling water, then put it back on he machine where it tops up with water to the ideal serving temperature.

Goldmandra Sat 04-Jan-14 18:38:51

Keeping the feed luke warm is the worst thing you can do. Bacteria grows best in warm milk. The advice not to reheat repeatedly is intended to reduce the amount of time the milk spends warm.

Food of any sort that is kept above fridge temperature must be kept consistently hot to prevent bacteria growth. That is why food is kept hot under heat lamps on carveries. Every time it is reheated and cooled, it spends some time at the medium temperatures that allow bacteria to reproduce.

The safest option is to make fresh if she needs a top up after a break. I know that risks wasting milk which is expensive but what price your child's health?

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