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He hates being constrained

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kaz33 Tue 02-Mar-04 15:55:39

My 9 month is a gorgeous strong happy boy, he's almost walking and laughs loads of the time. But he is so active and hates being constrained. Changing his nappy is a nightmare, most of the time you have to physically restrain him while he screams. He will last about five minutes in his highchair before he starts sreaming even when he is still hungry.

I'm already dreading his toddler years and I can just see the tantrums. Strange question but does anyone know of something that might calm him down a bit - would fish oil help - is he to young?, homeopathy, cranial oestopathy ??

twiglett Tue 02-Mar-04 15:59:00

message withdrawn

kaz33 Tue 02-Mar-04 16:01:01

I know but his brother was nothing like this - he really is outrageously active.

twiglett Tue 02-Mar-04 16:03:04

message withdrawn

aloha Tue 02-Mar-04 16:08:24

Distraction, entertainment, singing and dancing, mobiles, waving cuddly toys, giving him a mirror, sponge, new toy only when he's lying down for a nappy change/in his high chair and getting really, really quick.

officerdibble Tue 02-Mar-04 16:14:23

this is my 10 month old ds exactly! I've just been reading Secrets of The Baby Whisperer for Toddlers and he fits perfectly into the 'Spirited' Personality type that she describes. Nappy changing is a bit of a 'mare for us also - but it sometimes helps to either plug a dummy in / give him something to hold / sing a song he knows to clap to - general distraction techniques really. Same with feeding - have got to give him a spoon / water cup / bit of food to hold himself or it's hopeless.

nutcracker Tue 02-Mar-04 16:18:09

I had a similar problem with my ds. I started putting him in his highchair at about 6 months and he hated it. He would cry, struggle, slide as far down the seat as possible. The only thing that worked was getting someone (usually his sister) to distract him, and then get him out as soon as he has finished. He has got better (15mths now), and will sit still long enough to eat, but i still have to get him out as soon as he's finished and i can't put him in there to play for 5 minutes or anything like that.
Does he do the same when you put him in his pushchair ?????

Dickers Tue 02-Mar-04 16:22:19

carseat, pushchair, highchair, DS (18 months) hates being strapped into anything...distraction techniques work reasonably well (as does brute force )
I can't offer you an answer, just be thankful he is lively!

Angeliz Tue 02-Mar-04 16:23:25

oh twiglett don't say that!

(My dd is an angel child so.............)

Blu Tue 02-Mar-04 18:00:48

Kaz, to echo the others, My DS went through a really awkward nappy-wriggling phase at exactly that age. Now, he is not exactly a sedentary child, he NEVER sits still, but he did eventually submit to nappy-changing again. (he had his first back-arching struggle against his bouncy chair at 5 weeks, and climbed out of his cot at 20 months). In general I have found that it has been better to avoid constraining him, where possible. the lack of a boundary takes away his need to escape, IYSWIM, so this may be a strategy you want to experiment with as your gets a littlew older. Foe instance, my DS (now 2.5) sleeps much better now he is in a bed because he isn't fighting being trapped in a cot, and has sat better at the table in his Tripp Trapp chair since we took the baby bar off. Good luck, and i hope you are fit! (if you aren't now, you will be soon!)

twiglett Tue 02-Mar-04 18:24:23

message withdrawn

zebra Tue 02-Mar-04 18:46:17

Changing my son's nappy involved pinning him down with one leg, later both legs, from about 6 months. I'm sure it's one reason he toilet trained relatively early! (2y+ 4-6 months).

Evita Tue 02-Mar-04 20:32:46

Dd got really wriggly around the same age and I associated it with her getting independently mobile. It was like woe betide anything that threatened her new found independence. I developed an ok way of changing her when she was standing, it wasn't perfect and I didn't think she ever got quite clean enough that way but it was better than chasing her round the floor clutching onto an ankle pulling her down again ... Now she's 17 months and seems to have taken to lying on her back having her nappy done and getting a bit more of that one to one attention she new craves all day every day!

jasper Wed 03-Mar-04 01:09:42

my 3yo daughter is still exactly the same. If it's warm I let her go naked all day rather than go through the geting dressed ordeal.

handlemecarefully Wed 03-Mar-04 08:12:58

Homeopathy, cranial oestopathy won't help because as others say its a phase - most of my friends who have had babies report a similar problem with nappy changing around that age. My dd was pretty dreadful with it too.

The nappy changing antics will die down in a couple of months...but it may be his personality disposition that he doesn't like to sit still, and would rather be active. You could end up with a toddler like mine (when out walking she RUNS in the opposite direction, whilst laughing manically and shows no fear if she looses sight of me!) - start fitness training now!!

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