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REcommendations for baby toys for 8 months and upwards please including cot toys

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sw1fty Thu 24-Oct-19 12:45:48

Does anybody have any opinions on wooden activity cubes, eg Zany Zoo?
DS is 8 months and likes to pull himself up on things. I guess he'd be able to pull it over on himself if unobserved.
And if you have one do you think the quality is good?

PinkyRed Thu 20-Jul-06 21:06:58

I'm reading this with great interest, as my dd is 8.5 months and I went shopping today with some of the vouchers she got for Christmas. I bought a caterpillar thing that moves from Chad Valley - she squashes it down and then it rolls forward on its own. I also bought a play mobile phone, because I read somewhere that they like to be able to copy you, and she can interact with it. She loves it, and has spent all day waving it around near her ear.

Love the treasure basket idea btw - that's my project for tomorrow!

dreamteamgirl Thu 20-Jul-06 16:30:59

Definately agree with stacking cups, DS still plays with em now at 17 months.

If he is crawling then push along things are good, as are those little cars where you push the man down and it drives away- encourages em to crawl off after it.

Other things in our treasure basket were a postcard, and large plastic bangle and a thick smooth shell

We also liked the fisher price fish bowl that you dropped balls/ fish into and they made nice noises - I can only find one of the US ebay, but sure you can find it onUK site too

mawbroon Thu 20-Jul-06 14:37:05

Stacking cups are a hit with my 9 month ds. He also loves playing with a muslin, a wooden spoon and biscuit tin. He was given fisherprice roll around balls which I put in a tub for him. he turfs the balls out and plays with the tub!
No ideas on cot toys. I have the cot bare because I feel it is too confusing to put a baby in a cot sometimes expecting him/her to play and other times to sleep. Just my opinion, I'm sure others will disagree.

lisalisa Thu 20-Jul-06 14:27:52

Message withdrawn

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FrannyandZooey Thu 20-Jul-06 11:26:53

Oh good lisalisa, I am glad he liked it. The more textures, smells and tastes you can get in there, the more lasting play he will get from it.

I think small thick glass objects are fine in a treasure basket - for instance those little mini jam jars, or a thick glass salt cellar. Remember you are going to be with him all the time while he explores the basket so throwing shouldn't be a major problem (your ds is quite unusual to be able to throw age 8 months, I think). I personally don't use herbs because they would get chewed and manky so quickly, but again with careful supervision it is possible to do. Instead I have herb sachets, so the herbs are sewn into fabric and can still be smelt and possibly tasted a bit, but no problems with choking.

The beauty of the activity is that you can tailor it to your child, so if there are things you feel are unsafe for them, you can leave them out. All children are different and what is safe for one may not be safe for another.

We will have you weaving lentils before you know it

lisalisa Thu 20-Jul-06 11:02:35

Message withdrawn

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Iklboo Wed 19-Jul-06 15:54:12

Peek a blocks
Roll arounds (they do different ones)
Vtech walker
Stacking Rings sorter thingy
Activity cube

DS's favourites - also empty formula tin & a wooden spoon for 'bashing', a tupperware box with dry pasta shapes in to shake (we've fixed the lid so he can't get it off), my handbag (tinky winky!)

lisalisa Wed 19-Jul-06 15:50:21

Message withdrawn

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lisalisa Wed 19-Jul-06 15:43:42

Message withdrawn

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mustrunmore Mon 17-Jul-06 21:18:11

The Fisher Price Twirlin' Whirlin' range is good. Alot of them convert from floor toys to standing too, so last a bit longer.

FrannyandZooey Mon 17-Jul-06 21:00:59

You might be interested in making or buying a Treasure Basket ? It's a really stimulating and long lasting activity for a baby of this age.

As soon as my son could pull up to stand he adored the Stand Up Ball Blast which was a favourite until he was about 2. Also, forgotten it's name (something ludicrous like airtivity popper) the thing with the balls that get blown around by air - very funny indeed, adults like it too

tortoise Mon 17-Jul-06 20:58:01

Peek a blocks giraffe.
bit cheeky but one im selling here!

CorrieDale Mon 17-Jul-06 20:48:00

Vtech first steps baby walker. It has an activity centre that DS loved long before he could use it to get around. Still loves the activity centre now at over 12 months. £20 very well spent.

Rosieglow Mon 17-Jul-06 16:58:06

my dd's (8 months) favourite toy is my ds's old tortoise shape sorter which I thought would be too boring until she could do the shape sorting bit. But she likes just pulling the shapes out of the loading hatch, chewing them & it plays music. Ds was still playing with it for ages so it does for a long time too.

lisalisa Mon 17-Jul-06 16:06:12

Message withdrawn

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