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amusing toddler generated names for things

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Twattergy Thu 28-Nov-13 20:33:21

When ds was about 20m he started referring to his blankie as 'fwottie'. I checked many times with him, 'do you mean froggy?'but no, it is definitely fwottie. The blankie has a little elephant on it and he can say elephant so I can only conclude he's just created his own name for it. It makes me chuckle and I'd love to hear your other random toddler names for stuff.

dsg222 Thu 30-Apr-15 13:41:20

Cats are to be forever known as owws in our house, as in mioaw?!

BathshebaDarkstone Thu 30-Apr-15 11:53:25

Oh yes, bluebellies!

BathshebaDarkstone Thu 30-Apr-15 11:50:38

Oby for booby and Badonalds for McDonalds.

weebleswillwobble Tue 31-Mar-15 09:39:37

Cheese grater = cheese scratcher
Upside down = upwaydown
Certificate = Terrific-kate

Wincher Tue 31-Mar-15 09:19:02

The thing you use to change the channel on the TV will forever be known as the Fat Controller in our house.

RachelWatts Tue 31-Mar-15 09:05:05

Ds2 is just two, and we thought he had very few words, but recently realised that he consistently misses out the middle of words. So we have:

Meee - Mummy
Deee - Daddy
Dooll - Daniel (DS1)
Owl - apple
Chows - trousers
Naaa - banana
Yurt - yogurt
Door - dinosaur
Trex - Tyrannosaurus Rex
Tops - Triceratops
And - hand
Gox - socks
Doos - shoes
Crot - carrot
Cron - crayon
Guk - truck

FixItUpChappie Tue 31-Mar-15 04:14:45

My 4 year old (not quite a toddler I know) advised me Sunday morning that we were going to have hostages for breakfast. Huh? "Hostages mom - dad is chopping up hostages for breakfast".

oh sausages - yes darling blushgrin

PragmaticWench Tue 31-Mar-15 04:13:25

DD calls my breasts 'milks' as I'm feeding DS. Pretty accurate!

His willy is a 'wee-wee'.

movingalot Tue 31-Mar-15 04:06:52

DD calls her belly button 'belly bum but' smile

HeyheyheyGoodbye Mon 30-Mar-15 18:41:01

My faves so far are munch pack and beanspanner grin

MitMopse Mon 30-Mar-15 18:22:17

These are so cute and funny!
Bikbik = biscuits
Blubies = blueberries
Reese = raisins
Chick chick = any bird except ducks
Happle = apple
Bapes = grapes

She's 21 months, most of the words she knows she says 'properly'. Looking forward to more vocab!

BigKicker Sun 08-Mar-15 12:15:17

Aww love this post! Words from my DD (15 months)

Baboons = balloons, balls, anything round
Guppy = yogurt
Baggy = her comforter
Diddy = her dummy
and oddly when you say bum her only reply is Mama. Hmm!

MiaSparrow Fri 06-Mar-15 13:10:24


(Nostrils, obvs)

AdmirableGirl Thu 05-Mar-15 22:23:42

Headphones are 'music sunglasses'.
The microwave is 'the ten nine.'
Katie Morag is 'Katie More Like'.
Being carried is 'big cuddles'.
Milk is 'nulk'.
Ds is 3.

nevergooglebrandybutter Thu 05-Mar-15 00:02:48

Chip sit down = McDonalds

excitedmamma Wed 04-Mar-15 23:24:09

Leg sleeves for trouser leg grin

Didactylos Wed 04-Mar-15 23:02:57

pirate castles are churches with steeples - like a mast?

JuniperTisane Wed 04-Mar-15 22:58:09

Ds2 calls apples 'bapples'. Its very cute hearing him ask for bapple juice or bapple slice so now we all say it and I haven't the heart to correct him.

Kiwiinkits Wed 04-Mar-15 22:53:27

DD (2.5) calls my bras "booby gloves". Love it!

Leviticus Tue 03-Mar-15 20:50:00

DS1 likes 'Norman sandwiches' - 'not toasted just Norman please'.

jaybirdsinginginthedeadofnight Tue 03-Mar-15 20:45:41

DD (2.10) doesn't do words beginning with 'm' well so I am 'noggy' (mummy) and her soft toy monkey is 'nee-chee', she also pronounces 'f' as a shhhrr sound her foot is her 'shhhroot' for example but my favourite is 'fuffer-shhry' for butterfly grin

Goldenbear Tue 03-Mar-15 13:01:27

My 3 year old says 'munch pack' for 'packed lunch'.

StampyShortnose Mon 02-Mar-15 22:35:14

Ds was watching a film on dvd and asked "Mummy, can I have some cockporn* please? ".


Fishandjam Mon 02-Mar-15 22:32:36

DD calls a caterpillar a "pickerpackler". Nappies are "mackies" (which I've now picked up, inadvertently!)

NestlingDolls Mon 02-Mar-15 22:27:10

Ahh, these are lovely smile

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