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toddler squat walking

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alisonm2013 Fri 22-Nov-13 08:08:57

I'm not at all concerned about this, just wondered if anyone else had encountered it! My 17 month old son has been walking since 10 months, can walk and run normally with just a little intoeing on one side. However, when he's playing, he sometimes likes to walk in a half squat position. He thinks it's hilarious when his dad and I imitate him, and he also likes to watch himself walk different ways (squat, tip-toe) in the mirror. We call it his 'funny walking' or 'sneaky walking' because it looks like someone's holding down the crouch button in a video game. Anyone else seen this before??

nehajasoriya Fri 18-Dec-15 22:56:59

hi my 19 month old is also doing this crouch walk from last 7months..he don't do it all the time...just sometimes. but this thing started after viral infection..I have seen almost25 doctors including nuro and ortho but according to them its nothing..

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