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9 wk old baby and daytime naps

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Mandymoo Tue 11-Jul-06 20:09:03

Should they be having daytime naps?!

DS seems desperately tired all day and is grumpy most of the day as a result but will not stay asleep for more than a few mins (unless in car).

At what age do they settle into a routine with their daytime naps?

Is 9 wks too early to be in a routine?

jabberwocky Tue 11-Jul-06 20:09:46

I hate to say this, but ds didn't settle into routine naps until about 8 months...

Mandymoo Tue 11-Jul-06 20:12:35

yeah, dd was 6 months but i was living in hope!!

Waswondering Tue 11-Jul-06 20:12:45

Dd is nearly 6 wks and goes down for a nap around 1.5hours after last waking - otherwise gets overtired and difficult to settle. Have you tried that? Also, I've just been given one of these swaddle blanket things which is amazing - she's much happier in it.

FWIW, I don't think it's too early to start the idea of a routine, even if just now it's being consistent about the amount of awake time he has between naps. Good luck!

Mandymoo Tue 11-Jul-06 20:15:17

trouble is i have a 3.5yr old who goes to preschool every morning so baby kind of has to tag along. He sometimes naps in the car but then wakes when we get home. He falls asleep ok just doesnt stay asleep. Am trying to forge a routine but finding it very hard with a toddler who has groups and friends to go to. Poor baby has to just fit it atm,

dandycandyjellybean Tue 11-Jul-06 20:45:34

I had this same trouble with my ds, he screamed for most of the last 2/3 hours of the day at this age because he was so overtired/overstimulated. I realised that it was kind of down to me to see that he slept, and so a couple of hours after he woke in the morning (so at about 9am - rising at 7am) I swaddled him and then held him tightly whilst he fought and fought sleep (screaming and wriggling the whole time!!!) until finally he fell asleep exhausted. I then held him until he woke up (about an hour or so) and then did the same thing later in the afternoon (about 1 or 1/2 1). Again, he fought it like a mad thing, and screamed and writhed for about 10 mins or so (which as you can imagine was pretty difficult to bear). However, after a couple of weeks of holding him whilst he napped (after he finally dropped off, I watched a film with the sound low) I gradually started being able to put him in his cot. After a few days, I started putting him down as soon as he dropped off, and then he would wake after about 1/2 hour, and then I would rock him back to sleep and hold him till he woke, about another hour. Within a couple of weeks, I was able to put him down awake for both naps, morning and afternoon, and he would stay asleep for anything from 1 to 2 hours (and still does at 8 1/2 months). I know it seems a bit long winded, but it seemed to get him into good habits that have served him (and me!!!) well for quite a while. Stick with it and I'm fairly sure it will improve, you just have to let them know that no matter how much they howl and wriggle, you're the mum, and that you know that sleep will benefit them, so you're going to make sure they get it....iyswim hth.

sunandmoon Tue 11-Jul-06 21:00:44

DD was 4 months old when I put her in a routine. At 9 weeks old, some people might think she should be already in a routine but start when you are ready...Good luck and be patient!!!!

Needtoseelight Tue 11-Jul-06 21:29:59

Hi - just throwing a spanner in the works here- sorry! I used the contented baby routine so am a 'mean muumy' by some standards but it worked for us. Anyway - I wouldn't recommend it unless you're like that anyway and I just wanted to suggest something else. The reason we ended up with that routine was beacuse DS was like yours at first but we found the reason he wouldn't STAY asleep was because he had reflux. Babies don't have to be sicky to have this and it just struck me as a bit odd that you said your DS is going to sleep (usually the problem) but something's waking him up.

A friend of mine also had your problem and she solved it by 'baby wearing', see here . If you could cope with this you might at least get stuff done and a bit of peace!

jambot Wed 12-Jul-06 07:39:01

DD's daytime sleep was never great until after 12 weeks. As soon as she started pretty much sleeping through the night, her naps started to come right too. From four months to a year she slept 3 and a half to 4 hours a day. Now at 16 months, she's on 2 to 3 hours, once a day.
Think the key is that you have to continue to work on getting them into a routine, even if it doesn't seem to be working. I got DD into an evening bedtime routine from about 6 weeks. Bath, bottle and bed. During the day, I put her down in her cot, with the curtains drawn. Left her for up to 5 minutes if she was moaning, as 99% of the time, she fell asleep afterwards. Find constant checking and going in only disturbs them. You'll know by her cry if she's genuinely distressed.
Only down side to always putting in the cot for naps is that I find she won't nap in her pram when out. So up to how depending on what your day is like. Also try introducing a comfort blankie. Works like a dream for DD.

Katie13 Tue 10-Jul-07 14:13:22

It's good to hear that other people have trouble with daytime naps. My seven week old is not interested in napping no matter how tired he is. Consequently he often gets grumpy because he needs sleep. The only thing I have found that works is wearing him in a sling. Even the old favourites like a walk in the pram don't seem to do the trick. He sleeps well at night thankfully but any further advice on encouraging daytime naps would be great, I cannot wear him forever!

Izabella Tue 10-Jul-07 22:54:31

I know all the books say they should be in a routine ASAP but every baby is different. No matter how hard I tried my DD would not go down for long daytime naps from about 12 weeks onwards (she's slept though pretty much the since she was 4 weeks old). She just begun to get more alert and didn't want to miss out on anything whilst she was asleep. At this point she would often only have 40 mins in total. I found the turning point came when I started weaning her. By this time she was getting more active and when food was thrown into the mix she seemed to become naturally tired at the end of each meal.

Try out the suggestions made by others on this thread that you think might work for you & your DS but please don't beat yourself up if they don't work immediately. I constantly found myself feeling guilty because I was not able to get DD into a good sleep routine. You will get there but it will take time.

katelyle Tue 10-Jul-07 22:58:34

Yes, he is too young for a routine - and some babies never get into one, whatever the books say! Throw away the books, get a good thermos and a book. Drive round til he goes to sleep, then make yourself comfortable for an hour or so. Lovely if you cheese a good parking spot!

katelyle Tue 10-Jul-07 22:59:01

Choose, even, although cheese is nice sometimes........

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