7 month baby crying- neighbour complaint

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stressed8132 Mon 11-Nov-13 13:07:10

My 7 month little boy is causing my neigbour to complain. She has been complaining for months. He does cry a lot but not as much as she is making out. He has colic and reflux. At the moment he is also teething. She says he is crying for hours and hours. I told her if this was the case could she please record it so that she has proof. He is getting really soft because I have to pick him up as soon as he crys because she comes round complaining, the problem is he wants picking up all the time now. Im not unreasonable, I understand a baby crying can be distressing and i do try to keep it to a minimum. Im starting to feel stressed out- she told me she had 3 children and they never cried like mine- and that he isnt normal. That I should take him to a doctor. The problem is she likes a drink and its always when she is hungover. Her daughter in law is a teacher at my daughters school and I have been told they have been discussing me and the teacher has given the neigbour information about my daughters progress at school. Can anyone offer any advice. Im at my wits end.

SteamWisher Mon 11-Nov-13 20:31:09

Please don't think your baby is crying fr attention in a bad way. He has reflux - he will be hurting.

I had two reflux babies and picked them up all the time. Yes there were times when I couldn't but on the whole, I would pick up and give a cuddle.

I'd ask for hydrolysed formula from the GP. I'd also use a dummy if you don't already. Have you ever had heartburn? That's what he'll be feeling.

stressed8132 Mon 11-Nov-13 22:59:59

Thanks everyone. I have 2 other lactose intollerant children. Its effected them both in different ways. My eldest used to get diarrhea had really bad eczema and asthma. My other son had the projectile vommiting. My old gp retired and the new one isnt much help. My LO always has hiccups.. cries when he is feeding. He gets constipated then has diarrhea then constipation again. He farts all the time and they stink- and i really mean stink they make me feel sick. Smelly burps too. His stools are green no matter what he eats. He has gaviscon for the reflux. I have tried infacol gripe water and colief. He has comfort formula which helps slightly. He has a dummy-he loves it. Im going to see health visitor on thursday. He eats solids really well ,at the moment im trying to find a pattern with his food and when the colic reflux is bad. I know it will get better- I just panic everytime he cries. I feel like im being judge.

breatheslowly Mon 11-Nov-13 23:09:20

I think that you should speak to the headteacher of your DD's school. Don't go in guns blazing - but explain everything that your neighbour has said and your concern that it has come from her DIL (though you don't have any direct evidence of this) and ask the HT to investigate.

stressed8132 Mon 11-Nov-13 23:32:38

The DIL really helped my daughter. She went the extra mile with her. Im not going to go in all guns blazing. That is the reason I didnt go in today- I wouldnt make a complaint in anger. I dont believe she has said anything in a malicious way but the neighbour has twisted it to her own agenda.I just dont want them discussing my child. I would like it to not happen again. The DiL is a very good teacher- tbh I dont think she gets on too well with my neighbour as she sits in the car when her hubby visits his mum.That said there is only one way she knew about the IEP.

breatheslowly Mon 11-Nov-13 23:40:13

Perhaps you would prefer just to discuss it directly with the DIL - rather than the HT then.

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