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11mth DS keeps pulling my nose!

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milkyman Sun 13-Oct-13 10:34:23

he is always doing this and tries to stick his fingers up my nostrils grin why does he do this - curiosity? he cut it the other day and it bled for a while. i tell him to be gentle and show him what gentle is but to no avail shock

ICameOnTheJitney Sun 13-Oct-13 11:51:44

Just move away from him when he does that...I used to put my DD down if she grabbed my face and say "No...that hurts." she stopped quickly.

MsJupiterJones Mon 14-Oct-13 16:08:10

I have this exact problem - DS is just starting to get the hang of body parts so I feel bad about putting him off when I've spent the last eleven months saying 'nose' to him! But it does hurt... Especially with those scratchy nails...

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