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3yr old doesn't like other children!

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EmmaHore Sat 12-Oct-13 21:14:24

My 3yr old daughter seems very reluctant to mix and play with other children - she is a shy little girl and still very clingy.
She attends nursery twice a week which she does enjoy but doesn't like lots of children around her and prefers to be one on one with the staff.
If we go to family for lunch etc she takes a very long time to feel confident to leave my side - almost like she's very very insecure. She is never left with anyone she doesn't know and the guilt when I leave her is terrible.
She won't sleep by herself anymore which is causing me awful tiredness!!
Is his an early sign of any developmental or behavioural issue such as autism etc? Any comments would be great please!! Xx

Shybairns Sat 12-Oct-13 21:23:41

I would say that she has a natural tendency to be shy and not like noisy crowds. Nothing majorly unusual about that. We're all different. I would be careful not to label her as anything like shy or anti social because those kind of labels can be hard to get rid off. In all likelihood with some relaxed but firm parenting she will do fine.

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