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2 year old cries at loud noises

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Birdies Fri 11-Oct-13 16:22:14

My 2 year old DD has started crying and hitting her head on the floor at loud noises, mainly her baby sister screeching or shouting. And the more she cries, the more my baby screeches as she sees it as a fun game.

My DD has possible glue ear in one ear. Could that be anything to do with it?

She also has quite a few autistic traits but hasn't been assessed yet (her pedeatrician doesn't believe she is autistic, even though I've mentioned it a few times). But anyway, I want to help her be less distressed by this so they can play together again. It's sad sad Has anyone come across anything similar and have any solutions? Thanks

Goldmandra Fri 11-Oct-13 20:53:51

My DDs have AS and DD2 has used ear defenders and silicone earplugs to make loud noises more tolerable. They have worked well for her some of the time.

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