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Starting Potty Training Early?

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PeazlyPops Fri 11-Oct-13 09:32:18

How did you know when your child was ready for potty training?

DS is 18 months old, but a month or so ago started telling me when he'd done a wee or poo. Lately he has has been telling me that he needs a wee or poo, ie before he does it.

Also when he gets out of the bath, he walks to his bedroom and wees in the same spot! I tried putting him on the toilet after the bath but he didnt do anything, then still went to his room to wee on the floor!

I did praise him for weeing on the floor, I just said wow you've done a wee wee, good boy, as I didn't want to upset him if that makes sense.

Do you think it's worth trying a potty yet, or wait? I really don't want to push him, as to be honest I thought we'd have a good while yet before we had to think about potties!

fanjobiscuits Fri 11-Oct-13 09:33:38

Could you put a potty in that spot in his room?

CecilyP Fri 11-Oct-13 10:53:03

Do you actually own a potty? I think it is too early to 'train' but worth buying a potty. I would put it in the bathroom (or his bedroom spot) for him to use after his bath, rather than using the floor, and see how he gets on. However, success in this does not necessarily mean he is ready to toilet train. Many DC's are very good at using a potty if unclothed but as soon as they have pants on, they wee in the pants.

PeazlyPops Fri 11-Oct-13 11:52:49

Thanks ill try just putting one in the spot in his room, but I was wondering if that would confuse him, as he wees standing up.

Would it then be difficult later on to then try and get him to wee sat down on the potty, and then later, stood at the toilet? (If that is the method people tend to use?!)

I really don't want to try to get him out of nappies, I think it would put too much pressure on him, but will see if he uses the potty in his room instead of the floor!

CecilyP Fri 11-Oct-13 12:04:12

Why would you want him to wee, sitting on the potty? He will wee in the potty the same way as he currently wees on the floor. He will later wee in the toilet, possibly standing on a little step if the toilet is too high. He will only need to sit for having a poo.

PeazlyPops Fri 11-Oct-13 16:19:24

Hmm, yes good point! I don't know why I thought he'd need to learn to wee sitting down first!

candr Fri 11-Oct-13 16:27:21

Sounds like he is ready to have a go but not with out nappies. Pick regular times during day plus nappy change time and ask him to use potty or loo. If he doesn't want to don't force issue but give him time. I would not praise for weeing on carpet but just gently say that next time he should do it in potty etc.
I would also reccomend getting him to use loo before bath as warm water often makes them want to go and there is less chance of him weeing in bedroom after. If he is dry after sleep times that is another indication he is ready.
It is useful to get them using a loo seat as not every where you go has a potty and having to sit on a big seat can be scary if not used to sitting at all.

timeforgin Sun 13-Oct-13 05:47:18

I would second the nappy off time- sitting him on potty /loo at regular times (eg when getting ready in the morning, before bath etc). Go to the loo in front of him and explain what you are doing etc.

If he wants to stand let him stand but you might find sitting him on the potty / loo (with training seat and step) enables him to sit for long enough to understand the point of why he is there.

My son was showing similar signs at 19 months and we did the above and went on to train him at 20 months which took about a week.

She is hated on here but the little Gina Ford book on potty training in a week has some good stuff in it.

Good luck!

poocatcherchampion Mon 14-Oct-13 18:06:33

we are in a similar place to you. dd is 19mo and has done a few in her potty the last week. she tends to have a lot of nappy free time anyway and just talk about the potty and if she wees on the floor we say "oooh a wee wee, shall we get the potty, wees go in the potty" etc. not praise just relevant chatter in the direction of the potty.

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