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Potty training regression

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Labracadabra Mon 30-Sep-13 21:42:42

My DD (3 years old in a few days time) has regressed in her potty training. 2 or 3 months ago she was completely dry, happily using both the potty and loo during the day (pull ups on at night) and all was well. Since we came back from holiday about 6 weeks ago she has been wetting herself and/or soiling herself several times a day. She does seem to be aware when she's going, but is not at all bothered about having wet knickers and doesn't always tell me when she's wet herself. I've tried star charts and bribery with a chocolate every time she uses the potty. In any given day she'll have a few successful potty/loo wees/poos and several episodes of wet/soiled knickers. She goes to nursery 2 days per week and always gets through the 4 sets of spare clothes I send! They think she's doing it to get one on one attention. She's looked after at our home by her granny (my mum) on the other 3 weekdays. On these days she can have really good days but it means my mum sitting her on the potty every 20-30 mins and she still sometimes wets herself. When I'm at home with her over the weekend she can have good days and bad days e.g. last Saturday she wet herself 3 times and when I kept her without knickers & trousers after the last wetting (to let her poor skin dry out) she did a poo on the coffee table(!). On Sunday she was much better and did about 12 wees on the potty and only wet herself once. Monday at nursery she did 4 wees on the loo but also wet herself 4 times. We've checked out physical reasons (no infection) and she's generally well, articulate and happy. Should I put her back in pull ups during the day and give her a break for a few weeks, then try again? Or is that too confusing? Help please!!

Boobybeau Tue 01-Oct-13 12:13:31

Has anything happened/changed that could have caused her any stress at all? It doesn't need to be anything that you would class as major but could be a big deal in her little world. Eg, lost her fav toy, missing someone special, moved house/nursery etc...

Labracadabra Tue 01-Oct-13 13:41:30

We did move house about 6 months ago but we didn't even attempt to start potty training until we'd been here a few months to make sure she was settled. She was really great at first and we thought we'd cracked it! I am expecting DD2 in 5 weeks time although on the surface she seems happy but who knows?! I start maternity leave in 3 days so we'll have more 1:1 time. I think it is stress/behavioural but I've just run out of ideas. I've stuck with the knickers during the day and this morning before I left for work I showed her the new reward chart and after one failed potty attempt she later took herself to the potty and did a huge poo and a wee (3 stickers smile)

Boobybeau Tue 01-Oct-13 16:13:47

Its really hard to know the best course of action without knowing your dd really. Maybe go back to pull ups and kinda start again. You don't want to be making a big deal of it for her really so pull ups may take the pressure off of both of you. Most children like to be like their peers so when she sees her little friends at nursery in knickers and using the toilet she may do the rest on her own when the time is right.

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