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NachoAddict Mon 30-Sep-13 20:10:08

I've not tried pre empting, may explore that more. Sometimes he is just giving kisses and sometimes he has a nibble. Feet are the worst when its least expected.

I have been putting him down on the rug immediately but that doesn't work now its the bottom stair.

mrscog Mon 30-Sep-13 20:01:13

My DS is 19 months and has been biting since 10 months.

You need to try and pre-empt it. DS bites me when he can't explain what he wants, it's almost a 'panic' reaction. He is definitely more prone to it when tired and it's one of the signs that I need to be putting him to bed.

When he does bite I hold him away from me and say 'no biting' firmly. I also hold my hand over his mouth to help reinforce what was naughty.

Since he learnt the word no to use at me last month, I have got more strict and if he bites I withdraw attention from him for a minute or so (making sure he's safe first). I think it's slightly improving.

NachoAddict Mon 30-Sep-13 18:19:59

Ds is 14 months and keeps biting, me in particular, but also dp and his brother and sisters. So far the childminder says he hasn't bitten any of them.

He does it a lot and maybe 60% of the time will look up to laugh or see what reaction he gets. I have been removing him from the situation with a firm no biting but he just wags his finger and says yayaya.

This has been going on a few months now.

any tips please?

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