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Reducing screentime

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dukester Mon 30-Sep-13 00:19:32

I intend to reduce my dd3 screen time in an attempt to improve her concentration, behaviour and to help her develop more interests. And was just wondering if anybody else found Redcing screen time beneficial and in what way any tips too would be fab . Thanks x

valiumredhead Mon 30-Sep-13 00:25:45

Yes I have to monitor screen time for ds who is 12 closely our his behaviour noticeably deteriorates. I use a kitchen timer. I try and have screen free days at least once a week. He hates me for it and I don't carewink

confusedofengland Mon 30-Sep-13 11:38:06

I don't know how old you DD is, but I think it is certainly beneficial to reduce screentime for all ages (although there are some days when pjs & a morning of kids' tv is called for!)

With my DSes (age 4.9 & 2.5) I try to only turn on the TV after they've had dinner - which they usually finish about 6-6.30pm. They then have it on until bedtime (8pm). In addition to this, DS2 watches a 'Learn to talk' DVD, which is 30 mins long, once a day, to help with his speech, which is very delayed. SALT has agreed that this may be beneficial for him.

I do notice a difference in them when we have more TV, at the weekends or school holidays - they tend to be less cooperative & more whingey.

We try to be outside a lot, either in the garden, at the shops, toddler groups, activities, soft play, parks, playdates, which tbh I think they get more out of anyway.

Good luck with your DD smile

confusedofengland Mon 30-Sep-13 11:41:58

Meant to say, about 3 nights a week DSes have a bath, so only about an hour of TV total. On nights they don't have a bath dinner can finish as late as 6.45, so again not much more than an hour of TV.

BlueChampagne Mon 30-Sep-13 12:45:56

How old is she?
Easier said than done, especially now the nights are drawing in, and will take more input from you.
I take it screen time is going to be replaced by something fun, rather than homework?

board games
a local group - Rainbows/Brownies?

dukester Mon 30-Sep-13 15:48:01

She is 10 years old I've let things slide espocally since the tv has been hooked up to the Internet . She is glued to it she already attends brownies and is about to join trampolining the difficulty I have in her attending groups during the evening is that I work a twilight shift so am not always available to take her to these clubs and I have the car to get to work . So needs to be an activity to do at home

valiumredhead Mon 30-Sep-13 15:59:46

Why does screen time have to be replaced with something fun? Kids should get used to entertaining themselves. It's amazing what ds can cone up with once the google box is turned off, reading for a start!

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