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15 month old suddenly super poppety after jabs

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10000Fireflies Thu 03-Oct-13 22:53:53

Thanks for posting DIY. So sorry to hear about your experiences with DD. Must have been awful. I can imagine how worried you were, and I am not surprised you are dreading the boosters. I feel much better though that at least one other person thinks their child was knocked sideways by all those jabs. Typical that the doc denied any connection with the jabs. Sounds like my DS has got off lightly by comparison. He had a bit of a rash yesterday and was pale and quiet at times, but is gradually returning to normal.

Because my DS is so physically strong, the nurse suggested getting the booster earlier rather than later. You can get them 12 weeks after the initial dose. Going to wait a little longer before doing that!! Their reaction, if any, is supposed to be much milder than that of the first dose.

DIYandEatCake Mon 30-Sep-13 20:56:43

In our experience normal, I'm afraid - dd was very withdrawn, clingy, miserable, had the odd spike in temperature, woke lots at night, hardly ate and had epic tantrums for over 6 weeks after her triple jab. We were getting very worried, but it did pass in the end. The doctor said it was coincidence and she must have caught some non-specific virus, but I'm certain it was a reaction the the jabs as she went all quiet and floppy straight afterwards and just stayed like it for weeks. She's fine now though (but I dread having to decide what to do about the boosters next year). Hope your ds feels better soon.

10000Fireflies Sun 29-Sep-13 12:40:18

I forgot to add, his sleep has been more disturbed than normal. Last night he was awake about 4 or 5 times, crying lots and a bit of thrashing about.

10000Fireflies Sun 29-Sep-13 12:05:52

My 15 month old DS had three jabs on Thurs afternoon - Hib/Men C/, MMR and PCV. He recovered quickly from the initial indignation of the jabs themselves. That night, he had a bit of a temperature, nothing major though, and decided to babble for about three hours from 2am. Nothing too bad so far, but since then he's been refusing meals. Won't touch any of his favourites. He's getting by on countless fruit smoothies, breast milk, Oat milk and things like a handful of Organix Spicy Tomato Stars, but he won't touch anything else. He seems overtired and poppety - wants cuddles. He doesn't seem to have anything really wrong with him apart from the food and poppety-ness. He's had the odd dose of Calpol just in case there's a bit of teething pain going on too.

Has anyone else had the same? It's very upsetting to set him down in his high chair at lunchtime and have him refuse his favourite pasta dish or cottage pie.

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