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2yrs - nightmares and monsters?

(2 Posts)
Kayleigha Sun 22-Sep-13 20:59:46

my 2yr old girl has been having nightmare past few weeks about monsters. Weve been really strict since on whats on tv aas she has older brother and also watching what people say, and she seemed to settle down however past 2 weeks she has been terrified to go in her room to bed, no nightmares just scared of mosters, even during the day she won't go upstairs or in her room on her own. We have changed room round which helped for one night and one day but is again now terrified... any advice please?

vix206 Tue 24-Sep-13 08:16:37

We go through this occasionally with DS just turned 3. I just constantly reiterate that monsters don't exist, that DS is safe and that there's nothing to worry about. And like you, limit screen time and be aware of what they are seeing/hearing.

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