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6 yr old and poo! Bit tmi sorry

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monstermissy Sun 22-Sep-13 19:54:32

I've never has any issue with my 6 year olds toilet habits until this year. He's always been fine going for regular poo etc. Just before the summer hols tho he got constipated. He withheld it for ages and we had to visit the doctor. He gave him movical sachets. This lead to him messing his pants trying to hold it and after alot of medicine I thought we had sorted it. However, ever since he's been a nightmare. He just holds it and holds it. Once a week he will do an almighty poo then the rest of week he's just messing his pants. ( more than just marks but not proper poos). I'm at a complete loss as what to do for him to get it sorted, he has movical every other day but I think this has become a psychological thing now with him. We have tried sticker charts but he continues to just mess himself. It's very frustrating and is horrid for him. Kids will notice soon if not already, some days I pick him up from school and he stinks. No one at school has mentioned it yet. Any ideas for getting back to healthy bowel habits???

monstermissy Sun 22-Sep-13 20:02:11

Commenting do I don't loose thread on phone I can't see his to find it! hmm

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