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Help with sleep needed!

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monstermunching Sat 21-Sep-13 22:57:34

Really could do with some advice regarding my little boy. He's almost 11 months and still not sleeping through. I'm now back at work and I'm physically drained. He goes to bed about 8pm. He's normally really tired so is often put down asleep. He then wakes up, at least once, any time between 12-5am. He's breastfed so I have been feeding him when he wakes in the hope he'll go back to sleep. The last week he's been waking up, as in to get up, at 5am. I am knackered as I have been expressing for him and I'm paranoid about my milk drying up so I've been expressing at midnight, therefore I feel like I'm not sleeping! I know he doesn't need to be fed overnight nutritionally and it is purely a comfort thing but I would really value some advice/support. Is this going to get easier? Should I be doing things differently? I'm a second time mum and my daughter sleeps really well. I'm really struggling and have previously had counselling for PND. Would just like him to sleep through. So desperate. Wondering whether Ewan the Sheep would help? Please help!

Mandysname Sat 21-Sep-13 23:43:29

Ewan helped us, although my ds still wakes in the night, and hes nearly 3 (yawn). I guess try and rest when you can, I remember how tiring it was expressing (I did it for all feeds) and empathise with uou. Xx hugs xx i guess what worked for me was introducing some formula and learning to forgive myself about it...sleeping when he did...Ewan...bath before every bedtime....and keeping him close at night so he felt secure. Hope you get some rest soon xx

Mandysname Sat 21-Sep-13 23:43:52

Ps...yes it gets easier ;-)

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