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Encouraging my 3.5 to play by himself

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beachavendrea Fri 13-Sep-13 05:25:23

Any tips gratefully received! We've had a period of massive change for him moving countries and new sibling but if I or my husband are at home he refuses to play by himself. Tried bribery but doesn't work he just gets upset.
With a new baby I really need to encourage this. I would be happy with 15 minutes.

theresmoretolife Fri 13-Sep-13 11:11:48

Can you start him more on an activity- help him build a train track or something for example, then say you're just popping to the kitchen and you'll be back in a minute. If to start with you are literally gone for 30 seconds and the gradually you increase the time, he might start to get used to the idea of staying by himself for short periods?

beachavendrea Wed 18-Sep-13 08:12:39

Thanks ill try it!

Gurraun Wed 18-Sep-13 16:48:56

Sorry no advice but interested in responses as following the arrival of 9 week old ds2 I have exactly the same problem and am ashamed to admit I have turned to the octonauts to give time with ds2 or to do jobs!

LadyMedea Wed 18-Sep-13 17:01:42

I really read that post title as 'Encouraging my 3.5 year old to play with himself' grin

beachavendrea Sun 22-Sep-13 05:39:29

Lady Medea haha!
Well we are getting better kind of. Some ideas I have found he will do by himself. I made rainbow rice, coloured rice but it in a box with his diggers, he likes this. Also he does experiments outside with baking soda and vinegar.
We're really limiting the iPad and tv time. Hopefully see some improvement.
Also getting a book with indoor play ideas and trying to set up activities for him.

mewkins Sun 22-Sep-13 21:17:44

Dd is 3.2 and only just beginning to do this. But she likes to know we are nearby to ask questions and ask for help. She is better with some toys than others eg. Painting/gluing she is happy to get on and know we areclose by. Also, dolls and pretend play/reading to her teddies etc. She doesn't like to think she is totally alone. How about starting off by being close and giving tasks for your ds to do. Gradually make them lengthier and give feedback. After a few days set it up in a room, set task then tell him you will be in the kitchen etc if he needs help. Lots of encouragenent and letting him know you are nearby should he need you.

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