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omg dd just simulated bj on a banana - she is 6

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pecka Wed 21-Jun-06 20:04:41

DD is eating a banana. She just said to me mam this feels like im sucking a willy. I turned round and lo and behold she is doing a very BJ like action on this banana.


Do I worry?

How does she know that willies get sucked?

NotQuiteCockney Wed 21-Jun-06 20:06:52

Hmm, that would worry me a bit. Did you ask her about it?

pecka Wed 21-Jun-06 20:07:33

Probably handled it completely wrongly.

I gasped, looked at her said "DD!!! - that is very rude"

What can I say to her?

pecka Wed 21-Jun-06 20:07:34

Probably handled it completely wrongly.

I gasped, looked at her said "DD!!! - that is very rude"

What can I say to her?

oops Wed 21-Jun-06 20:07:37

Message withdrawn

beckybrastraps Wed 21-Jun-06 20:08:20


I would wonder too.

Cod Wed 21-Jun-06 20:08:41

Message withdrawn

GDG Wed 21-Jun-06 20:09:03

oooh, I don't know, I think I'd gently question her a bit 'what on earth do you mean?' or something. Would concern me I have to say.

Cod Wed 21-Jun-06 20:09:05

Message withdrawn

IchosebitsforKatzg Wed 21-Jun-06 20:09:43

Does sound very strange for a 6 year old to say/do.
I would talk to her.See if you can find out where she got the idea from.Could of just been something over heard from an older child at school.

GDG Wed 21-Jun-06 20:10:19

OTOH, could she have heard something at school bearing in mind lots of 6 year olds will have older siblings who might find it amusing to tell them things like this?

beckybrastraps Wed 21-Jun-06 20:10:25

I would want to delve a little deeper I think. I'm normally very sanguine about these things but "sucking a willy" - I don't remember THAT from "you show me yours, I'll show you mine".

Lact8 Wed 21-Jun-06 20:11:05

I would've been shocked too pecka and probably have reacted in the same way.
Is it something she has picked up from school? The fact that she is telling you about it so openly makes me think there is probably an innocent explanation to it. Like when they repeat swear words they've heard and then looked really shocked when told NOT to say that IYSWIM?

SoupDragon Wed 21-Jun-06 20:16:34

Ask her where she heard it. Oddly enough, DS2 talked about "sucking willies" at the weekend. Turned out DS1 told him and he'd goit it from his friend at school who'd heard it from his sister (Y4) who'd herad it from a song a new boy in her class had been singing.

NotQuiteCockney Wed 21-Jun-06 20:17:40

I'd bet she heard it from someone else at school, who said it to someone eating a banana?

Still, quite weird, because I'd expect a 6-year-old not to know that an adult erect penis is about that size, more or less ...

HappyMumof2 Wed 21-Jun-06 20:19:33

Message withdrawn

pecka Wed 21-Jun-06 20:34:07

just delved a bit deeper

and im very angry

looks like DDs cousin (girl, recently 13, altho IMO very "slow" and late developer) showed her something on her phone of a girl sucking a boys willy.

In DDs words. The girl sucks the boys willy then all the sperm comes out but I dont know what sperm is thats what cousins name said it was and it goes all over her face.

I feel so sick and like my little girl has been violated

Im angry with the 13 year old too, I mean yes she is a child (and i will be making sure her mum knows so she can make sure she isnt involved in anything she shouldnt be) but surely at 13 she should know that it isnt suitable to show a 6 year old that??

Rhubarb Wed 21-Jun-06 20:34:47

Does she mix with older kids at school? Has she any older friends? Sounds like the kind of thing older kids would say and she's heard. Kids are very good at watching and listening when you don't think they are. She could have even seen an adult do this jokingly to their partner, not realising that she (your dd) was watching. Has she been to a friend's house or anything like that recently?

Rhubarb Wed 21-Jun-06 20:35:41

Sorry, x posts. I would be livid! Her parents need to know this asap - where would a 13yo get that kind of image from?

Furball Wed 21-Jun-06 20:38:11

Blimey pecka, don't really know what to say. It's also abit of strange thing for a 13 yo to have images of on their phone or is that what things have come to these days.

VVVQV Wed 21-Jun-06 20:38:11

would definitely have words with parents.

beansontoast Wed 21-Jun-06 20:40:57

thank goodness you have an explanation...btu you must stil feel pretty shaken up.

it is scary what kids can get hold of these days.ivev always hated mobiles

edam Wed 21-Jun-06 20:41:15

I would definitely tell your brother/sister about your niece. And I'd tell her off myself, too, because that isn't something she should be sharing with a 6yo. But I wouldn't go ape - children do share information about sex in an 'OMG is this what grown-ups do' way. Just wrong to share it with someone so much younger. And I wouldn't want niece to think sex is something wrong or dirty, either.

Beyond sharing the info though, I would be very concerned about 13yo having that picture on her phone. Probably got it from someone else with an older sibling, but even so, a chat about what is and isn't appropriate would be in order.

QueenPeaHead Wed 21-Jun-06 20:42:47

Turquoise Wed 21-Jun-06 20:43:36

I've heard more and more stories recently of children sending each other horrendous stuff on their phones - beheadings etc as well as porn.
Agree though that a 13 yo should know better than to show a 6 yo - but I would definitely tell the mother that her 13 yo is getting such stuff.

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