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9 week old - wind or reflux? Help please!

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JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 09-Sep-13 09:19:56

It does sound like reflux but I would also speak to a BFC. Is there a Bfing Group near to you? Has she been checked for tongue tie?

NothingsLeft Sat 07-Sep-13 19:57:47

Agree it sounds like reflux. Have to tried propping the cot/Moses basket up at the head end with books? Keeps the milk in their tummies and really helped DS.

Not to scare you but DS choked on his own vomit one night after a feed. We ended up in A&E with a baby that couldn't breath. Very scary, awful experience. I had no idea reflux could be that serious. Their oesophagus can go into spasm when the milk travels up so its worth keeping on top of. I hated the idea of medicine too but it helps.

Pocket1 Sat 07-Sep-13 09:29:12

Thank you. Decision made, today we are back on infocol and we also start gaviscon. Plus seeing a cranial osteo Monday. Will swap gaviscon for renitidin if that combo doesn't work!! smile

gretagrape Sat 07-Sep-13 08:23:59

It sounds like reflux - my son used to do the whole throat clearing/gasping thing and then either throw up a load of digested milk or make a weird squeaking noise then do a big swallow with a disgusted look on his face (so basically the sick had come up to his throat but been swallowed back down again).

I hated the idea of giving him medicine at such a young age, but to be honest if it is reflux it's the lesser of two evils - if she doesn't have anything to help stop the food coming back up, then the stomach acid that comes up with it will end up inflaming/damaging her oesophagus (no idea on the spelling on that!) which will make her really unhappy because it will be painful to feed.

Pocket1 Sat 07-Sep-13 00:44:34

I'm breastfeeding my DD and she is a good feeder who generally feeds peacefully (unless she gets wind, so I wind her before continuing feed). After a feed, I wind her and hold her upright for 20-30 mins.

Most of the times I put her down she wriggles with discomfort, makes a throat clearing noise and will not settle. Occasionally she does settle only to wake 20-40 mins later when she starts wriggling and 'clearing her throat'. When i pick her up, she often has wind which brings up some partly digested milk (more than possetting). Twice in the last day she has projector vomited digested milk. Occasionally she seems to choke and appears to have something unpleasantly tasting in her mouth.

I cannot work out if this is wind or reflux - I have been using infocol which helped with the wind (coincidently the projectile vomiting happened when i had stopped using the infocol - on the advice of the nurse who administered jabs this week).

I have infant gaviscon and renitidin from the gp - but haven't used either yet as I just can't make my mind up whether this is wind or reflux. Sometimes it's clear she has wind but then the throat clearing and choking make me think its reflux.

I really don't want to give her loads if medicine unnecessarily.

Any help or suggestions much appreciated.

TIA smile

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