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Going backwards re potty training

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chicaguapa Fri 13-Feb-04 12:34:54

My dd is 2y3m and we cracked potty training about 3 or 4 weeks ago. In fact she progressed to the toilet before the week was up and had no accidents after that.

But last weekend we went to visit family and because of the 6 hr car journey we put her in a pull-up but explained that she should still tell us if she needed a wee. Which of course she didn't and despite stopping to put her on the toilet at services, she'd already done a wee in it.

Since then, we have had more accidents than successes which we put down to her being in a different environment. But now we're back home, she's still weeing in her pants and doesn't seem to know when she's about to do a wee.

It's very difficult to remain calm as I know she can do it and I'm not sure if she's 'being naughty'. Any suggestions about how we can get back on track again?

marialuisa Fri 13-Feb-04 13:08:28

Having a DD who was trained exceptionally early i obviously have quite a diferent take on this to some mumsnetters. If you are sure that she understood about using the loo before and was asking you to go to the loo rather than you just taking her I think you should persevere with pants. Explain to her about using the loo and use whatever approach worked before. Once DD was out of nappies we never put them back on, and we went on many expeditions at that point. We got round this by keeping a potty in the boot for a cuple of weeks and keeping a close eye in how much she had to eat and drink and when.

Again, i realise this goes against the general sway on mumsnet but I know of quite a few parents who have successfully dealt with regression by being disapproving. Not yelling or smacking but making the child help clean up, and generally acting a little horrified.

chicaguapa Wed 25-Feb-04 11:57:03

Thanks. In the end we reverted back to the star chart (resisted the chocolate reward) and we were back to normal almost immediately.

Helsbels Wed 25-Feb-04 12:07:29

on this subject, our ds is 2.6 and shows no sign of wanting to use a potty/toilet. We have decided that this weekend we will 'go for it' put him in normal pants and see what happens - is this right? He has done one wee in a potty and apparantely sits on one quite happily at nursey where all his peers do it. How do these star charts work? Do they get a reward after 10 wees or something? Should we wait until he wants to do it?

PipBeckett Wed 25-Feb-04 12:45:37

I think it's quite common for children to go backwards with potty training. You give them so much praise when they do something right and then it stops when they get the hang of it. So they get the attention then by doing something wrong. My son is at school now and in the first three months I got a call on average of once a week to go and clean him up. Gradually it's getting less but I just accept it. Making an issue of it gives him attention. I don't speak, I just clean him up and then leave. Even if it's only ten minutes until home time, he stays. Am I a cruel mum or what?

Here's a top tip for car journeys!! After several leaks on car seats it's worth knowing that the super hand driers in motorway service stations will dry a hand washed item within just a few minutes. Or your could try caremats rather than pullups if you think you're giving out the wrong signals.

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