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Concerns about 5yr old

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duchesse Sun 18-Aug-13 22:37:23

My DS who is now 20 was just as impulsive and apparently remorseless as yours at 5/6. I too used to despair. A few things that happened when he was about 6-7 suddenly made me realise that he was actually pretty empathetic (one involved the entirely accidental but unthinking dropping and death of a guinea pig) and that the apparent lack of remorse might in fact have been an act. My DS has turned out to be a lovely, well-adjusted young man but he is still not very communicative. I hope yours does too. This age can be quite challenging ime.

jango36 Sun 18-Aug-13 22:29:39

I am worried about my son. He s five and his behaviour is terrible.
Tantrums when out shopping, running away from me when out shopping. The most worrying this though was he took his two goldfish out of the tank and into a pot with holes in the bottom- they both died!! When told off didnt really seemed bothered. I really had a shout at him and he had to go to his room- its just the lack of remorse that concerns me.
He is never still constantly on the go seems unable to show empathy to others!?
very worried- what shall I do??

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