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Anyone who's had a very big baby....

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Mummy252 Sun 18-Aug-13 00:37:20

So i had ds 13 weeks ago, he came 2 weeks early and weighed 8lb 13 (planned csection)
He was very long and very very skinny.
Since then he has gained weight and grown incredibly! He is now 18lb 14 ( or he was on Thursday ) and is 68cm long. He's being checked every 2 weeks for length and weight by the health visitors but his length and weight are both over the 98.6% ile.
He is a very strong little boy, has his neck, rolling over etc which my daughter did quite a bit later on so I know he's doing good BUT I'm struggling with a few things.....

1. He drinks about 1.75l of milk a day!! Now the hv"s said not to use the quantities on the box but to do 2.5oz per lb of body weight so this isn't too bad based on that but.... Although he's never been sick with being overfill he stops at about 180-210ml. He's full but then an hour later he becomes agitated and no amount of coaxing or distraction can mask the fact he's hungry so he has a top up of 60-90ml. I can make him drink more by tickling cheek etc but his belly gets so stuck out it looks uncomfortable. Obviously the hv is sticking to the no weaning until 6 months but I'm worried were going to stretch his stomach or certainly that in a few weeks he's just always going to be hungry. He's been on the hungry baby milk since 4 weeks

2- car seat. We have the maxi cosi, dd was in it til 9 months. We already had to take out the newborn insert completely at 11weeks 3 days but his legs are already over the front bit so touches the seat of the car and he really fills it. How is this supposed to last 6 more months? The shoulder straps are also in the hugest position!!
3-soft soled shoes. All the soft soled shoes u can find are maximum 9-12 months. He's already in 9-12 for most if his clothes, he has very long legs so babygros etc all 9-12 now! His feet fit 9-12 or size 3. Does anywhere sell bigger sizes for young babies?

He's a verry happy chappy but I just feel like the advice that's out there doesn't seem to fit with his size!!
Ps I'm 5 ft 7 hubby 5 10 both healthy weights etc so no idea where this height etc has come from!!

NeoMaxiZoomDweebie Sun 18-Aug-13 00:43:09

Firstly well done on your lovely boy!'s not that big actually smile it's on the big side but it's not very big...lots of women have babies over 9llb (I did) and manage the problems of them filling up their prams the feeding, he's just doing what newborns do with the constant';s a pain but they often do that hungry after an hour thing....

The Maxi Cosy...take it to Mothercare and have them check it over with him in doesn't need shoes. Not till he can walk grin I know they look nice with an outfit but socks will do

5madthings Sun 18-Aug-13 00:48:36

Yep my boys were all big, ds4 was 10lb 13oz, all on or above 99 percentile on the charts, bfed, tho ds4 I moved onto formula at three/four months as I was poorly. All weaned at 6 mths.

Dont tickle his cheek to get him to drink more, it's fine for him to fees frequent fly, he doesnt have to have a full bottle each time.

Car seat it doesn't matter if his legs stick out the end, as long as his head is not at the top of the seat and he isn't over the weight limit it is fien bit you may want to look into a seat that can tale a bigger baby but remains rear facing, even tho he is big his neck still won't be strong enough for him to forward face until abotu twelve months.

Shoes mine didn't wear them until walking a snot necessary but I did get them soft leather slippers for crawling by daisy roots and bobux and a few other makes.

They do them in different sizes up to three years?

ProtegeMoi Sun 18-Aug-13 00:50:08

Echoing everything the poster above said. My daughter was born at 9lbs 5oz and gained weight massively, she was literally off the charts. Yes she cried and was hungry, had a lot of milk etc. but then DD2 who was 6lbs at birth and has remained tiny did the exact same thing.

It's a stage babies go through no matter what size.

The carseat remember its weight not age it goes by but it will be fine for a good while, better squashed in a newborn seat then one too big for him.

Try not to worry, it sounds like he is doing great.

5madthings Sun 18-Aug-13 00:51:00

Also why are they checking his weight every two weeks? Once they have regained birth weight and are feeding OK they don't need weighing more than once a month at least, it actually says in the red book they don't recommend weighing more than once a month.

He is obviously a lovely, healthy, thriving baby, congratulations smile

wallpaperaddict Sun 18-Aug-13 00:51:42

My DS was 9lb 2oz. At a week old he was 10lb 2oz, he carried on growing! I was BFing so fed on demand, topping up with formula as necessary so have no idea what he was taking! I don't think it stretched his stomach. He's now stick thin btw. The chunkiness disappeared in toddler years.
It doesn't matter that his feet touch the seat of the car, it'll do no harm. He's fine in the maxi cosi until his head is higher than the back of the seat, or 13kg in weight. Can't help with shoes, mine didn't wear shoes until they were walking!

primallass Sun 18-Aug-13 00:55:55

My boy was 10lb 12 and the HV didn't weight him much. Why are they dong that?

He was 98th for length and weight until 12 months, 75th by 24 months and is now small for his class and like a whippet at 8.

TeamSouthfields Sun 18-Aug-13 00:56:52

Babies shouldnt be in shoes of any kind untill there walking.....

U can get the soft leather baby shoes which is abit like a slipper, to keep there feet warm, but other than this i wouldnt put any other type of shoe on him....

Its up to u, but i would research about weaning ur baby early, if he can already hold his head up and roll over, there good signs to start weaning slowly onto just simple things like baby rice ... But ofcourse its upto u as it is still early, i know lots of people who started weaning at 12 weeks and lots that didnt start till 6 months..... Research it and go with ur gut

5madthings Sun 18-Aug-13 00:58:48

The earliest you should wean is 17 weeks, before then the gut is not developed enough. Baby rice is just a filler, better to give fruit and veg etc.

Signs of readiness to wean can be found on NHS website, but sitting up, lost tongue reflux etc.

NatashaBee Sun 18-Aug-13 00:59:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

5madthings Sun 18-Aug-13 01:00:07

ChablisLover Sun 18-Aug-13 01:01:08

My ds was 9lb 15 oz when born

I moved him with hv advice to hungry baby milk at 3 months old. He was taking 8oz every 2 hours

I think I weaned about 5 1/2 months.

The car seat - as long as head over the top it's ok. We moved ds to stage 2 early as he was tall and his weight dictated it. He was able to sit up by himself. Have you considers rear facing stage 2 car seats.

As consolation, Ds is now a fussy eating 6 year old who is one of the tallest in his class - he's 125cm and nearly 4 stone in weight. I blame my 6ft 2 dh! But he has hollow legs and its still hard to fill him up.

Congrats on your ds - enjoy him and feed him when he wants rather than sticking to a schedule. If someone told me this it would have saved Me a a lot of heartache.

TheSecondComing Sun 18-Aug-13 01:02:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ChablisLover Sun 18-Aug-13 01:03:01

P.s the daisy roots shoes mentioned up thread are fabulous. Try eBay. Ds even when walking I used them round the house as slippers.
Truly fabulous and warm for winter . I hate seeing babies with bare feet in winter.

5madthings Sun 18-Aug-13 01:05:34

Yep daisy roots are fab,'great for crawling and newly walkimg babies, mine all wore them, I didn't buy proper shoes till they had been walking a month or so and were needing more protection to walk outside etc smile

brightonbythesea Sun 18-Aug-13 09:04:17

my DD is 9mo, 20lb and 75cm so height 98th and weight between 75th-91st. she has always been big and hungry, but I weaned 5.5 months and just let her drink what she wanted. She is still in her little car seat, her legs are a bit gangly but she is fine! your boy is fine, just feed him when he is hungry and monthly weigh-ins are more than enough smile

froken Sun 18-Aug-13 22:40:27

Ds was 10 pounds at birth and he grew very quickly the first few months. He was exclusively breastfed so I have no idea how much he ate but I just let him feed whenever we were sat down or when he was sad, he never seemed to get to the stage where he was crying because of hunger.

Ds was also a very strong baby, he sat at 4 months and crawled and cruised the furniture at 6 months. I found that his weight really slowed down around 3/4 months, he has been in the same sized clothes since Easter ( he's now 8 months) I think the calories he takes in are used up by his activity.

We changed ds to his ( rear facing) stage 2 car seat at 6mmonths as he was really squashed in his baby seat, it was more for comfort as I am sure he was still safe in the baby seat but he got grumpy as his arms were all squashed.

Babies don't need shoes.

MiaowTheCat Mon 19-Aug-13 20:53:17

Both mine are tall babies.

Car seats, I got annoyed with the infant carrier ones fast and swapped to a britax 0+/1 one (first class plus) which is doing both my 98 the centilers fine (16 months and 5 months but outgrowing 6-9 month stuff).

Shoes - my eldest has disproportionately small get so no issue, but would mocc-ons work? They're like leather soled socks. I didn't bother with shots till the cruising started and then went to Clark's for pre walkers just for manky playgroup floors since greying socks make me boak.

On phone as PC just died so excuse autocorrect.

Inclusionist Tue 20-Aug-13 17:45:57

My DS is massive. We just fed him as much as he wanted, and still do.

He grew out of the maxi cosi pebble (weight-wise) at 6 months and we moved him into the next one up in the same range. He then went into the ferofix at 2.4.

He is starting nursery in September, having turned 3 last week, in all age 5-6 clothes and size 10 shoes.

For winter wallaboo booties are really nice and warm. DS had a pair until he was walking.

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