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Imaginary friend - should I be encouraging it?

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DS (age 8 next week) and I had a lovely conversation with Hermione this evening. Apparently all of Slytherin House are staying with us and that's why DS cant get to sleep. Hermione was bothered and so DS had to help her with homework. (yes, that's my severely dyslexic son who can barely read or write and cannot spell). I have to join in but if I join in too enthusiastically get told its make believe. It gives him control and a sense of not being bottom, so I actively encourage it. Sorry all of you who thought it ended before school smile

fififrog Sat 17-Aug-13 23:18:59

My DD 2.5 had just turned her real friend who has been on holiday into an imaginary friend!

Mondaybaby Sat 17-Aug-13 22:41:25

My dd, 2.11, has an imaginary friend called Pecan! I've no idea where that name came from. Pecan is very naughty and tells my dd she can do things like put her feet on the table at dinner time. If the toilet roll has been unravelled all over the flat then Pecan did it. If dd draws all over her hands and arms it is because Pecan says she can. I am not encouraging this imaginary friend. If your dd's Aggie is well behaved then I don't see any harm in it and think it's quite sweet.

ninjanurse Sat 17-Aug-13 20:33:21

My DD had an imaginary friend called Friend Teddy when she she was about 2.6 - 4. She used to push him on swings and play hide and seek with him, it was all very cute. When she out grew him, my son picked him up and started playing with Friend Teddy, he used to use him as someone to blame when he was naughty though!

They both outgrew him before they started school. I think its pretty normal.

MiaSparrow Sat 17-Aug-13 20:24:53

DD (2.6) has been going on about this Aggie (I'm not sure of the correct spelling!) for some time now. She'll say things like "I'm going to make some beans and strawberries for Aggie. I think Aggie will love them! I asked her what Aggie looked like the other day and apparently HE wears a brown raincoat and a 'treat hat' that's covered in grapes and he lets you pick them off and eat them. (DD clearly likes her fruit & veg!)

I didn't have an imaginary friend when I was a kid so this is totally new to me - should I be going along with it/encouraging it?

If your DCs have imaginary friends, how far do you play along?

(I should add she's got loads of lovely real friends too and is a very sociable little thing.)

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