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3.4mths dd dry in day but wants poo in a nappy in the evening

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chloemummy Tue 10-Feb-04 15:38:42

Please can any mum netters help me as i am at my wits end!

My dd has been dry in the day now for six months but as soon as I get home from work she demands a nappy and pjs. Immediately she will do a poo. I know she understands that she should go on the toilet because she days "mum poo in the potty not in the nappy" - then she changed it to "mum poo in the nappy not the toilet". I try sitting her onthe toilet and potty no success. She will only poo in her nappy. This has been happening for six months. I have tried keeping her up and refusing a nappy until say 9 or 10 at weekends but she still does it immediatly I put the nappy on. I think she holds it in.

Somebody suggested to me that I should just take them off her but it is heart breaking when she gets so upset.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanking you in advance.

dinosaur Tue 10-Feb-04 15:44:58

I think there have been several threads on this in the past - there is one here

tealady Tue 10-Feb-04 16:36:10

My ds did this when he was the same age, for months and also suffered from constipation from trying to hold on whenever we withdrew the nappies. Personally, I feel that withdrawing the nappies doesnt always work and can lead to more problems. There is no easy answer but I have a few suggestions:
* Get her to sit on the loo at poo time but with a nappy on. This helps to get one stage closer. Even doing the poo in the bathroom/loo is getting one step closer.
* Let her take a book to help distract her.
* Give loads of praise even just for sitting
* Try a star chart with maybe a litte reward - even just for sitting and trying.
Be prepared for it to take a long time - I was worried my ds would be starting school b4 we sorted it and then suddenly he did it once on the toilet and it was great from there on. Hope you get there soon!

chloemummy Tue 10-Feb-04 16:52:09

Thank you tealady. It is funny though that I have no accidents at all in the day. Never for the past six months! She somehow associates nappy - to do poo. I have her in pull ups but there is no way she will do one on the toilet. Once she did it in the bath and I whisked her up on to the toilet. When I ahve seen her starting to go - I suggest the toilet and she says no mummy want nappy.

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