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Bed wetting at 6 years old?

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Loubw48 Thu 01-Aug-13 19:41:12

Does anyone have similar experience of their DD or DS still bed wetting at 6?

My DD has never been dry at night & isn't very consistent in daytime either.

We've been referred to a paediatrician & health wise DD is fine. We've now been given Desmo Melt to try, DD started taking 1 tablet every night before bed & increased to 2 tablets after 2 weeks as it was making no difference. Has anyone tried this & it's been successful? We also wondered about a bed alarm if anyone has any experience of these, I'd be grateful for your thoughts.


Ponders Thu 01-Aug-13 19:49:34

6 is actually still quite young to be wetting regularly so don't worry. Several of her classmates will still be wet at night but nobody wants to talk about it!

One of my kids was wet much later than that...

If you get nowhere with the Desmo things you old try an alarm but if that's no good either just keep using those night time Pull-ups (it's interesting to me that supermarkets now stock the large sizes, up to age 15. They didn't when we needed them!

Ponders Thu 01-Aug-13 19:50:15

*could. Sorry, iPad keeps losing letters

Ponders Thu 01-Aug-13 19:53:37

Has anyone suggested you visit ERIC???

It's very helpful & reassuring

Loubw48 Thu 01-Aug-13 19:57:38

Thanks for your reply ponders.

Really? My other DD was dry regularly at night at 3 years old & the paediatrician agreed that bed wetting at 6 years old wasn't great. I know I shouldn't compare DD with other kids but I know most of her friends have been dry at night for a long time. It's difficult cos DD would love to go to friends for sleepovers & I know she's still a bit young but we couldn't consider this until her night time wetting stops.


Loubw48 Thu 01-Aug-13 19:58:32

Yep I've had a look on ERIC thanks.


peteypiranha Thu 01-Aug-13 20:12:50

Its not seen as a problem until age 7.

Bert2e Thu 01-Aug-13 20:15:17

I totally feel your pain - ds2 is 7 in Oct and not dry. We have a very strong family history of enuresis - I was 14 before I was dry at night, my brother was 8 and my dad was in his teens too. I was told by the school nurse that they didn't do anything until 7 so I've not started the wheels in motion yet. Interesting that you've gone straight to Desmo - I thought I'd be pushed into an alarm first which after a very bad experience with my self we wont be doing (and we're not in easy reach of ds2's bedroom). I can't add anything constructive but do sympathise.

Ponders Thu 01-Aug-13 20:15:39

I have 2 girls & 2 boys. One of each was early, one of each was late, the latest of all was a boy. I became very relaxed about it - school nurses dealt with enuresis issues & were completely fan.

Are you not in the UK, OP?

Ponders Thu 01-Aug-13 20:16:41

*fab, lol!

Loubw48 Thu 01-Aug-13 20:45:15

Hi Bert

We were given the option of the alarm or Desmo, both have a 70% success rate. We thought that since DD is such a deep sleeper that the alarm would only wake everyone else, especially DD1 & that DD2 would sleep thru it. The alarm would be good though to find out when DD2 is wetting. We too have a strong family history of enuresis & I know it's hereditary unfortunately sad

FullOfChoc Thu 01-Aug-13 20:50:06

My dd was still wetting at 6, after a period of being dry too.

I just tried to make minimal fuss, covering her bed with 2 sets of sheets and waterproofs so I could quickly get us both back to bed. I aimed to never make an issue of it. TBH it stopped just as quickly as it started, when she was approaching 7.

MrsLion Sat 03-Aug-13 09:06:22

DD1 is 6 and until about 6 months ago wet the bed every single night no matter what we tried.

GP didn't really give me any advice that I hadn't already considered/tried. But on the recommendation of a friend I went to see an osteopath. I am very un-woo and didn't have any expectations at all - but it worked!!

I was amazed, there was an immediate improvement. We had two sessions 6 weeks apart, she has only had 3 accidents in the last 5-6 months. Could be coincidence, but we've all been delighted.

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