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Anyone watching Little Angels on BBC3?

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Posey Mon 09-Feb-04 20:32:18

Its just started.

nutcracker Mon 09-Feb-04 20:43:24

Is anyone taping it ???? It's just the sort of programme i like but i don't have bbc3

Posey Mon 09-Feb-04 20:56:17

Quite amazing transformation

marthamoo Mon 09-Feb-04 20:57:23

Bother. Forgot.

Beccarollover Mon 09-Feb-04 21:05:08

I thought it was really good - reinforced how much better it is to use positive parenting techniques.

I must say though that the parents seemed to be doing a great job as it was - I imagine there are way way way way way worse parents by their thousands around

Good program though, I will keep watching

The boys were all gorgeous

littlerach Mon 09-Feb-04 21:06:19

Good prog, reinforces what we already knew, but good to be reminded.
Only thing is, dad hardly featured, yet both parents work full-time.

Paula71 Mon 09-Feb-04 21:06:23

I pity that poor woman! I started all that good behaviour with ds twins from the off and it seems to have worked. I didn't have an expert though just used common sense. I had heard about using positive diversions rather than "don't do ..." but that was through watching "Child Of Our Time."

The only time I find the ignore bad behaviour rule impossible is when they are knocking lumps out of each other! But that is just me!

lydialemon Mon 09-Feb-04 21:09:45

I enjoyed this especially as I could point out to DH, that no matter how annoying our DSs can be they don't beat each other up and they go to bed when they are told! Made me appreciate what I've got, but I did think they were a lovely family anyway

mrsforgetful Mon 09-Feb-04 21:29:23

Having autistic children, i found it 'reassuring' in another way!

I AM a good mum- and HAVE been doing the right things!!!

Though i know deep down all this....i needed to watch this programme to be sure- my family and friends have not been supportive with my boys and that then lead me to think i was the reason for how they were- but this programme has restored my faith!

Hope that makes sense!

Coddy Mon 09-Feb-04 21:35:11

I couldnt believe how rude they were to her? and naughty - I almost cried when they hurt each other. naughty when they blew raspberries at her - bedroom for mine for that

Bloody hell - almost exactly the age of my kids too

thing is how dim are these people?

mrsforgetful Tue 10-Feb-04 20:41:57

I've just gon right off the psychologist for telling the mum off for stopping her son from banging his plate on the table and singing 'The wheels on the bus'- o.k so the mum may have been a bit over the top when she told him off- but i would not be happy either if my boys did that at the table!

deegward Tue 10-Feb-04 21:24:07

It just shows I suppose that when you spend time, you get results. Unfortunately most of us try to iron, cook, tidy house as well as positive parent, which I suppose when it falls down.

I have certainly tried more with ds1, and the results were just like the program. Will keep watching for more tips. Reassuring to see someone else more short tempered than me, and a child behaving worse than mine.

kizzie Wed 11-Feb-04 11:49:10

really wish i had BBC3 - would love to see this. maybe they'll repeat on BBC 2 like they do with some of the other progs.

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