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If you had a DC who refused to poo on the loo...

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ConstantCraving Tue 30-Jul-13 14:21:25

When did they get over fear of the loo? and how? DD is 3.9 and wees on the loo but can't / won't poo on it. She will hold on until she has a pull up on at night and then will poo in that. This has been going on since we potty trained her. Have tried 'poo goes to pooland', bribery, sticker charts, reading on the loo, blowing bubbles etc. She says it just doesn't 'feel' right and she's too little! Would love to hear any success stories...

Magicrabbit Wed 31-Jul-13 15:11:32

constant - I also went through this with my ds who we potty trained at 2.5 and 6 months later would still refuse to sit on the loo for a poo. He was exactly as your dd is, waited until bedtime every evening until a nappy was on and then did it straight away. I tried everything I could think of too, as per some suggestions on here but none worked. The problem came to a head unfortunately as he started to become constipated and we had a terrible few weeks when he'd be very very upset when trying to go. I gave him lactulose but it didn't really help, so the gp prescribed movicol. He started taking that to move things along and at the same time I started putting him on the loo every night. As a reward system I made up a goodie bag of toys and he could pick one from there every time he went. I bought cheap stuff from pound shops or charity shops. He loved it and despite chocolate not working, this did. There's no doubt that we had a few tough and upsetting weeks and things became worse before they became better. However, we got through it and after 3 or 4 poos on the loo we'd cracked it and it was never an issue again. It will resolve itself one way or another but I think they have to be ready themselves too. Good luck!

ToysRLuv Wed 31-Jul-13 15:22:34

Oh, I have this with DS 3.9 who only became dry a month ago. He pooed on the potty 3 times and then refused point blank. Bribery with a big toy that he wanted didn't help with the issue. It's still in its packet in my cupboard. Chocolate <hollow laughter> ... Definitely no help. Poo goes to pooland - DS says we can just tip the poo out of the nappy into the loo..

He won't even sit on the potty with a nappy on. He seems to want to jog on the spot and strain standing in between jogs (in private, behind a closed door). I have got him to do it in the toilet instead of his own room, which is a tiny bit of progress.

I think I just have to wait for him to be motivated to change. He never does anything unless he sees the point in it. I even had to show him pictures of rotten teeth with cavities to get him to brush them without a godawful fight..

ConstantCraving Wed 31-Jul-13 20:36:45

Magic thanks for the moral support! I think I might try the mixed bag of toys - she's got a thing for little toy animals, which are fairly cheap, so might try that.
Toys sorry you're in the same situation. My DD's duplo Thomas is still in the cupboard too. Today she told me she'll poo on the loo when she's 4 as she's still too little grin - you're right about needing motivation to change. DD just doesn't see why she needs to do something she finds difficult / uncomfortable and I can see her point of view - its just so frustrating when everyone else's DC seem to do it (which is why this thread has been so supportive).

TeWiSavesTheDay Wed 31-Jul-13 20:47:30

DD had a thing about this too - we compromised on potty in the bathroom, which (eventually) she would poo in - I think a potty was reassuring size wise as well as being a really good position to squat and poo.

Then when she was regularly using the potty we strongly encouraged using the toilet with a very high step and toddler seat (to get the squat position)

...then we had a bit of a showdown and had to do you're a big girl now potty's gone in the bin blush not really recommending that! Make up a nice fairies taking the potty to give to younger toddlers story maybe grin anyway. It did work, she goes on the toilet. Mostly.

Weirdly she did get a bit of a thing about how she would do it when she was 4, as well! She did improve a bit then.

Hope that gives a bit of hope.

ConstantCraving Wed 31-Jul-13 21:39:19

TeWi Yes it does! Thanks.

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