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18 month old not walking yet!

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TOD Sat 10-Jun-06 10:36:08

Anyone got any advice on how to get my 18 month old to walk independantly??? crawls very well and will walk holding one of my fingers but refuses to let here i am day after day and hour after hour going round in circles with him. Afraid it might be his balance is the problem or is he just lazy or does he lack confidence?????? any ideas to help???

octavia Sat 10-Jun-06 14:42:47

our ds did this, the only way I managed to get him walking independantly was to use walking reins.At first I had him on a very short rein (make him sound like a horse -poor thing!) then once he realised he was safe I let it out a bit iyswim then after a few days he was fine.Does he have a push a long toy,will he walk with that?

geogteach Sat 10-Jun-06 14:58:21

DS is 20 months and just like this, 3 weeks ago he got out of the buggy in the playground ran to the slide and hasn't stood still since - it will happen when he is ready!

Annner Sat 10-Jun-06 16:12:30

My DD is 19 months and at the same stage. It's difficult when they're the tallest crawler in the park, and struggle in shorts on hot concrete, and are stuck in cruising shoes in the summer when they won't sell you any sandals until they are walking independently...

...but they all get there in their own time!

I'm upduffed, and my back is killing me with all the handholding and walking. Mind you, two months ago she wasn't showing any interest at all, so anything is progress. Hang on in there; once he is ready, he will go for it.


TOD Sun 11-Jun-06 21:23:19

Thanks for all the advice. Will try walking reins and just be patient!!!!
Poor fella looks so scared when i try to get him to walk alone....better let him do it in his own time before i frighten him too much!
Reassuring to hear of other toddlers of same age at same stage. People have been asking since he was 10 months he walking yet and some look rather worried when i say no!!

kayzed Sun 11-Jun-06 21:27:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cat64 Sun 11-Jun-06 21:44:56

Message withdrawn

luley Mon 12-Jun-06 15:44:22

so relieved that others have late walkers - my ds is 19 months and crawls very fast, walks on fingers, with a walker (can even run) and holding my hand, but won't walk independently - was getting really worried - everyone keeps asking if hes walking yet - he's tall, and seems reluctant to hurt himself by taking risks, so i just feel he'll do it when he feels he can without falling...i'm just concentrating on the fact he has developed other areas really well first!!!

LeahE Mon 12-Jun-06 15:57:00

I heard from someone once who got her DC to walk holding a helium balloon.

AbbyLou Mon 12-Jun-06 17:58:21

My ds is almost 18 months and FINALLY started walking last week after hours of us trying. I think it's true that they'll do it when they're ready. He just started doing it one day. The best thing we tried was moving him gradually further way from something soft like a settee and getting him to walk to that.

geocam Mon 12-Jun-06 20:25:35


My D's 16 months and is a bum shuffler. Even though I am told that this often indicates that she will be a late walker I still worry. Unfortunately I don't have any comforting experience as she is my first but having read all of your experiences make me feel a tad more chilled. I'm glad I logged on. Cheers

FloatingOnTheMed Mon 12-Jun-06 20:31:00

my dd was like this. it was a confidence thing, she has always been v timid & unconfident (has changed now though). She just one day all of a sudden decided to try walking across the living room by herself! It was my proudest moment, it was just before bathtime & i was disappointed it was bedtime for her ! I remember crying as well . was so sick of having her hanging onto one finger.

so, gently encourage but don't push, if it is a confidence issue.

yomellamoHelly Mon 12-Jun-06 20:33:37

Ds was 22.5 months before he walked. Got very fed up with everyone asking about it and interfering hv. When he did finally walk, though, it was only a matter of days before you couldn't tell the difference between him and his peers - so I say don't stress.

cat64 Mon 12-Jun-06 22:48:34

Message withdrawn

TOD Tue 13-Jun-06 09:08:51

Thanks again! Great to hear similar stories, very reassuring......will chill a bit now, see it as a phase and give him plenty of gentle encouragement! Thanks....

Mercy Tue 13-Jun-06 09:29:14

TOD, my ds didn't walk until just over 17 months, he showed no interest whatsoever.

Then one day he just got up and walked across the room - I just couldn't believe it! Within a week he was walking all the time, and very steadily too.

He'll get there soon enough!

TOD Tue 13-Jun-06 10:09:31

Thanks Mercy..... it must be a proud moment...even if it is a long time coming!!! Cant wait to see him flying around with all the little friends he has made..

mumeeee Wed 14-Jun-06 10:18:14

Don't worry. My eldest DD didn't walk independently untill she was 21 months. She just got up of her litle chir one day and walked across the room. It was as though she couldn't be bothered with all the toddling stuff and just waited untill she could do it properly. She was a very good talker for her age( talked like a 3 year old) and a bum shuffler.

mumeeee Wed 14-Jun-06 10:18:15

Don't worry. My eldest DD didn't walk independently untill she was 21 months. She just got up of her litle chir one day and walked across the room. It was as though she couldn't be bothered with all the toddling stuff and just waited untill she could do it properly. She was a very good talker for her age( talked like a 3 year old) and a bum shuffler.

mommie Fri 16-Jun-06 16:50:16

my dd is 20 months and still holding onto my finger, and yes, it cripples my back! i might try the reins too. she is very nervous of balancing on her own, but is very close to walking independently. we too are going round in circles and up and down the road.

mommie Fri 16-Jun-06 16:52:03

ps; like others, she was a bum shuffler but has a great grasp of words.

compo Fri 16-Jun-06 16:54:58

don't worry. My ds didn't walk until 21 months and nothing stops him now

jenny07 Mon 27-Aug-07 19:40:39

has anyone had the problem with their childs leg buckling under them. My daughter is 16 months old and is still not walking. That is fine, my older didn't walk until 16 1/2 months either, but this one is different. Her left ankle buckles under her. She tries to walk, but she just can't. We have been to a neurologist and they say it is nothing. Haven't seen an orthopedist yet. So I was just wondering if anyone has been here before. it is very frustrating and still very sad at the same time. she tries so hard to walk and just can't. any help?

NAB3 Tue 28-Aug-07 15:42:59

Take her for some physio? Does she have any other problems?

LilRedWG Tue 28-Aug-07 15:49:02

Jenny07 - agree with seeing a physio, even if only to put your mind at rest.

Our 15.5 month old DD is not walking, bum-shuffling or crawling yet and can only stand when balanced by me or the sofa. She can't sit herself up either.

She sees a physio who has reassured me that there's nothing wrong with her - she'll do it when she's ready!

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